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PerfectForms™ - Planning your Workflow

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Planning your Workflow

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The purpose of this guide is to assist PerfectForms™ users in preparing to create forms within PerfectForms™. The most effective forms start with a coherent set of goals, a strong understanding of the process that is being supported or facilitated by the form and a schema outlining the data required to manage that process.


This guide will provide recommendations regarding the preparation to be done prior to creating a form including:


Collecting all pertinent information regarding the process being represented in the form

Establishing a clear understanding of the roles of all stakeholders as well as workflow paths

Putting together a detailed workflow diagram

Consideration during form design of any reporting needs that might exist



The following sections are included in this guide:


Document Scope

Determining Stakeholders and Gathering Information

Understanding the Purpose of the Planning Process

Building a Workflow Diagram

Determine Reporting Needs