Configuration and Security

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Configuration and Security

In order to begin using the PerfectForms™ Offline Form Manager you must have a user account already established in the PerfectForms™ system. You can have a Full, Basic or Limited user role. For each user, the Enable offline form filling option will have to be turned on in the Users view of the Settings Dashboard to facilitate offline access to forms.


Note: For additional information on the Enable offline form filling option, see the Administering Users, User-Groups and Positions topic in the Help Guide.


The first time you start the application you will need to configure your user credentials and select the forms you want to have available for offline viewing.


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The following steps describe how to complete this configuration process.


1.Configure your user credentials by entering the E-mail address and Password that are associated with your PerfectForms™ account.  


Specify the Server URL which will point Offline Form Manager to the correct PerfectForms™ system (


These credentials will be stored locally on your computer and can be changed at any time by accessing the Settings screen.


Configure User Credentials


Note: If the E-mail and Password credentials you provide are associated with more than one account, you will be presented with the Select an account screen. Here you will be asked to choose the account you wish to configure for Offline Form Manager. If the credentials entered are not associated with more than one account, you will be taken directly to the Select forms screen shown in Step 2 below.


2.Choose the forms you want to have available for offline viewing. Select forms individually by clicking the check box next to the desired form or select all forms in the list by clicking the check box in the column header.


Configuration - Select Forms


3.Once your selected forms have been uploaded to the Offline Form Manager click the OFM - Settings Icon icon to open the settings page.


OFM - New Configure 3


4.If you want to be able to use connections to csv files located locally on the same machine as the Offline Form Manager enter in the path to the folder that contains the csv files.


OFM - New Configure 4


Note: The Offline Form Manager application is dependent upon the user and security management of the Operating System (e.g. Windows). Because of this, multiple users cannot be configured inside the application. Offline Form Manager displays and stores all information for the current operating system logged in user. For instances where there are multiple users on the same machine, multiple operating system users will need to be set up.