Go Paperless with E-Forms and Save Time, Money



Despite decades of promises of a “paperless office,” businesses still rely on paper for many business functions. The day when paper is completely unnecessary in business may never arrive, but the truth is, many processes can be automated and made paperless, and the payoff for doing so can be significant.

When processes are automated and paper use is reduced, the chance for making errors drops. Electronic handoffs during the steps of a business process mean less opportunity for setting important papers down and losing track of them. Forms filled in electronically are far less likely to be misread or misinterpreted than are forms filled in by hand. But there are many more advantages to electronic forms and automation.


Advantages of Using Electronic Forms

Whatever business you are in, when you use electronic forms and automate workflows, business development is accelerated due to time savings and reduced errors. This also helps keep operational costs under control. New York recruiting consultancy iCIMS performed a return on investment (ROI) calculation on a hypothetical 200-person company with average growth and average turnover for automating the employee on-boarding process, and the results were clear: a one-year decrease in costs of over $79,000. And that’s just from automating one process.

Automating on-boarding eliminates mailing costs, reduces document preparation and processing time, and reduces logistics burdens and their associated costs. Think of the costs that could be saved by using electronic forms and automation in multiple business processes. E-forms and automation are also great ways to help your company reduce its environmental footprint.


Business Processes That Benefit Significantly from Automation

Employee on-boarding is only one process where automation brings a positive return on investment. Automated expense reporting can streamline operations as well. Even when processes are very simple (consisting of filling out and submitting a form, for example), electronic forms are preferable. Sales queries, technical support requests, order forms, purchase orders, and surveys are all examples of forms that simply work better when they’re provided, filled, and submitted electronically. There are no papers to mislay, no handwriting to misinterpret, and submission is instant, so the forms can be acted upon quickly.


Who Has Time to Code All That?

Of course, not all businesses have a programmer on hand to create electronic forms, and hiring out the task can mean a major expenditure. The good news is, today there are customizable, off-the-shelf solutions that allow businesses of any size, in any industry, to create beautiful electronic forms and to automate workflows without ever having to write code.


With PerfectForms, Coding Is Not Required

PerfectForms is an automation and electronic forms solution that does not require programming skills in order to create pixel-perfect, customized electronic forms, complete with your company’s logo, color scheme, and branding touches. You can start from scratch or use one of several pre-fabricated, customizable templates, with drag-and-drop convenience and clear menus that walk you through the process. With PerfectForms, your business can realize the increased efficiencies and ROI that electronic forms and process automation deliver. If you would like to learn more, we invite you to watch our brief product demo and see for yourself how easy creating electronic forms and automating workflows can be.

How Workflow Automation Software Enhances Your Sales Operations

Workflow automation


The sales process has many steps, and sales professionals have to handle a variety of specific tasks on any given day. From acquiring contact information for leads to writing follow-up notes after a sales call, sales team members handle information constantly. Keeping it organized so that the sales process stays on track is critical, and many companies develop standardized processes for sales professionals to follow.

When business processes are manual and paper-intensive, however, the chance of errors increases and completing processes takes much longer than necessary. Workflow automation software with electronic forms that feed into processes can speed things up considerably, allowing sales professionals to spend more time selling and less time on paperwork. Here are some ways workflow automation software can make sales operations more efficient and productive.


By Capturing and Organizing Lead and Contact Information

When contact or lead information is entered on paper forms, there are many ways things can go wrong. For one thing, paper forms are easy to lose, and hastily written handwritten information can be difficult to decipher later – even by the person who wrote it. But when your sales professionals have a mobile app that lets them capture lead or contact information, the data is taken in once and can be reused in other forms and applications. There’s no paper to lose, and contact information can be captured in any setting on a laptop, tablet, or phone. If necessary, completed contact forms can automatically trigger other actions, like alerting appropriate department personnel of a potential new customer.


By Streamlining the Sample Ordering Process

Suppose one of your sales team members meets with a promising new lead who expresses interest in your company’s products. When you create an online sample ordering form that can be accessed by mobile devices, your salesperson can quickly submit an order for samples, and can schedule a follow-up call for once they’re received. By speeding up this process, sales reps can have better continuity of relationships with prospects and customers, minimizing the chances of competition gaining a foothold. What’s more, workflow automation software can ensure the data collected on the sample ordering form is shared with marketing for possible use in future marketing campaigns.


By Facilitating Creation and Sharing of Follow-Up Notes

After a sales call, particularly a first-time sales call, there is much to remember. Scribbling down notes on paper is inefficient and easy to put off till the end of the day. By then, however, a lot of important information may have been forgotten. Providing an online electronic form for follow-up notes encourages sales team members to record this information soon after sales calls, when memories are still fresh. These forms can be automatically routed to other people who may need the information. Writing and sharing follow-up notes on paper is cumbersome, slow, and prone to error. But workflow automation software makes it easy, fast, and accurate.


By Accelerating the Reporting Process

When your company creates automated workflows based on electronic forms for your sales professionals, information is captured once and can be organized in countless ways. Data from one form can be shared with common fields on other forms automatically, so there is far less duplication of effort. Having all this data captured and organized makes it much easier for sales and management professionals to create informative reports based on accurate, up-to-date information. With powerful solutions like PerfectForms, you can provide end-to-end visibility of the entire sales process and easily create detailed reports that drive smarter sales and marketing decisions.



Sales workflows can be complex, and trying to track all the steps with manual, outdated processes slows your company down and gives competitors the opportunity to step ahead. But when you use a workflow automation software solution like PerfectForms, you can easily create customized electronic forms that are mobile-accessible and that work together to form efficient, streamlined workflows, saving your sales professionals valuable time. Best of all, with PerfectForms, you can do all this with drag-and-drop convenience, without ever writing code or diverting valuable IT resources to workflow development. If you’d like to know more about how PerfectForms can enhance sales operations, we invite you to contact us at any time. We would be happy to answer any of your questions.

5 Reasons Our Form Design Software is Better Than Boxed Chocolates

Form design


Maybe you were the lucky recipient of a box of chocolates for Valentine’s Day and came back to the office fueled with the remains of a sugar rush. Or perhaps everyone brought in their leftover Valentine’s candy in hopes of sharing the calories and removing the temptation to overindulge. But even if you have a sugar hangover, when your company uses PerfectForms form design software, you’re ready to start improving work processes right away. PerfectForms may not come in a red, beribboned box, but at the office it’s the gift that delivers day after day. Here are 5 reasons our form design software is better than boxed chocolates.


1. You Always Know What You’ll Get

Sure, some boxed chocolates come with their own picture diagram telling you what filling is inside which confection, but there are bound to be some that you don’t like. And chocolates without a diagram occasionally put you in the position of having to spit out part of an unexpectedly unpalatable morsel. But with PerfectForms form design software, you always know what you get – pixel perfect forms – because you make them yourself with drag-and-drop convenience.


2. It’s There for You 24/7/365

Unlike gifts for Valentine’s Day, anniversaries, birthdays, or other special occasions, PerfectForms is there for you around the clock, all the time. If the idea for a form comes to you while you’re brainstorming a project workflow, you can work on it right then, or the following morning, or after hours if you so choose. Whenever you need to create forms or workflows, the power of our form design software is available right at your fingertips.


3. You’ll Never Run Out

There’s something slightly wistful about eating the last piece of candy in a box. No more chocolate, and you have to figure out whether to keep the box it came in or toss it in the trash. With PerfectForms, however, you’ll never run out. Any time you need to create a custom form, you can do it, and if it turns out not to suit your needs, you can modify it or start all over. Make forms from scratch, or use one of our many prefabricated templates; however many forms you need, PerfectForms form design software will help you create them.


4. The Satisfaction Lasts a Long Time

There’s no question that consuming a delicious, high quality chocolate confection is a blissful experience, but that epicurean delight is fleeting. And most people can’t keep eating chocolate without experiencing some sort of repercussions. But the joy of having perfect electronic forms that streamline workflows, eliminate bottlenecks, and make collaboration easier lasts a long time. Taking a clunky, cumbersome workflow process and turning it into a sleek, efficient task that everyone understands makes the whole work process better, and that’s satisfaction that endures.


5. It Goes Great With a Cup of Coffee, but Won’t Blow Your Diet

If it’s time to fine-tune or automate a workflow, sit down with a cup of coffee and PerfectForms form design software, and you can get to work creating a solution that can speed up the business process and greatly reduce inefficiency. Because of its visual interface, you can see what you’re creating as you make it, and since PerfectForms is mobile-friendly, you can access forms from any mobile device. Because no programming is required, you won’t have to bother the IT department, and your electronic forms and workflows can get to work reducing operational costs right away.

PerfectForms is form design software made with the end-user in mind. You want to create electronic forms to save time and speed workflows, and you definitely don’t want to have to learn to program or spend a lot of time creating your forms. PerfectForms understands, and offers an intuitive interface that will have you creating pixel-perfect forms and integrating them into your workflows in no time. It may not be romantic, but we think you’ll love PerfectForms anyway. If you’d like to try it for yourself, why not sign up for a free trial today?

5 Ways to Easy-Button the Employee Onboarding Process

New employee


Bringing a new employee into the company is an exciting scenario for all concerned. The employee is starting a new career chapter, and the company is bringing in new talent to help get business done more effectively. It would be great if a new employee could simply show up on day one and get down to business, but every company has some degree of onboarding that must be done to ensure all paperwork is correct, tax forms are filled in properly, and the company has the information it needs to administer payroll and benefits.

Making the onboarding process a positive one benefits both the new employee and the company. A great first-day experience can set the stage for a long term, satisfied employee. In fact, more than half of participants in a US-based study of 1,000 employees said they consider an organized orientation process with relevant training as a factor in their employment decision. Following are 5 ways you can “easy-button” the employee onboarding process.


1. Identify Weaknesses in Your Current Onboarding Process

You have to know where you are before you can know where you’re going. Take a look at your current onboarding process. Have there been complaints from either HR or new hires about certain aspects of the process? Are there breakdowns in communication among interested parties? What seems to take too long or be harder than it should be? Knowing where there’s opportunity for improvement is step one toward making things better and avoiding wasted or misapplied effort.


2. Consider Implementing Interactive Online Employee Orientation

Some first-day tasks need to take place in person, like showing the new person where their desk is and introducing co-workers. But many aspects of orientation can take place through self-guided interactive online programs. Baylor College of Medicine implemented a self-guided orientation program for informing new hires about benefits and found it to be a tremendous success and far less draining on HR resources. Moreover, new employees liked the flexibility and knowing they could revisit benefit information online at any time.


3. Provide Paperwork Electronically Before Employees’ Start Date

Providing paperwork electronically is less messy, environmentally friendlier, and eliminates problems like lost pages. Providing new employee paperwork via web portal before the employee’s start date gives new hires plenty of time and flexibility to fill out forms completely without feeling rushed. The result is that new employees won’t have to spend their first day filling out paperwork, and HR can be confident they have new employee information ready to go first thing.


4. Use Electronic Forms and Automated Processes Whenever Possible

When electronic paperwork created with an online form builder is part of the onboarding process, you already save time, hassle, and paper. When you integrate electronic forms into work processes, you accelerate onboarding even more. Choosing an electronic forms solution that automates certain processes, like automatically submitting a completed form to the appropriate HR staff member, eliminates lost paperwork, keeps forms secure, and minimizes time spent on administration before your new hire can get to work.


5. Integrate Electronic New Hire Data With Your Current HR Systems

Electronic forms that integrate with your existing databases and systems greatly reduce duplication of effort. Once information is captured in a form, that information can be used by workflow software to feed other forms and trigger other processes. And when you take advantage of technologies like secure online form signing, you can get a new employee on board and ready to work much more quickly. There is simply no comparison to the old ways of signing stacks of paper and hoping none of it gets lost.



Onboarding new employees is a fact of life, but it doesn’t have to be tedious and time-consuming. By using an online form builder like PerfectForms, you can turn cumbersome paper processes into efficient electronic processes, and with PerfectForms you can combine electronic forms into highly efficient workflows. Best of all, you can do all this with drag-and-drop convenience and never have to write a single line of code. The result is an employee onboarding process that doesn’t drain resources and allows your new talent to get down to work as soon as possible. If you’d like to know more about how PerfectForms can streamline your operations, contact us at any time. We would be happy to answer any questions you may have.

6 Ways Better BPM Software Can Kickstart Your Company’s Efficiency

BMP software


Business process management (BPM) is all about improving organizational performance by optimizing the processes used in everyday business. With planned, efficient, streamlined processes, companies are better able to meet or exceed their obligations. The results of outstanding BPM can include lower cost and higher revenues. Often, businesses turn to BPM once they’ve identified an area or process that needs improvement.

BPM software offers tools that allow companies to create efficient workflows that increase productivity and reduce errors. Used in coordination with human-driven processes, BPM software can significantly accelerate workflows by automating processes, defining and assigning steps in processes, and delivering alerts to the appropriate people when triggering events occur. Here are 6 ways good BPM software can kickstart your company’s efficiency.


1. Through Improved Cost Efficiency

Every business wants to trim the fat, but at some point slashing budgets is no longer practical. Outstanding BPM software, however, allows organizations to maximize the efficiency of the costs they cannot avoid. When workflows are coordinated and streamlined using BPM software that includes features like real-time analytics and reporting, work teams can collaborate more effectively, saving time and bringing costs down considerably.


2. With Better Decision-Making

Suppose a company is experiencing inefficiencies due to handling of billing disputes. They can use BPM software to identify, for example, duplicate billing issues with a single client. A carefully engineered billing dispute workflow ensures consistency in researching disputes, and better decision-making based on the results of that process. The result is a billing process that goes beyond being “reactive” to being planned and implemented with consistency, so both employees and customers know what to expect when an incident arises and can handle it appropriately and consistently.


3. By Allowing A More Agile Business

Processes sometimes need to change, and good BPM software makes change easier to implement. By the same token, if you use BPM software to define a workflow in one department and find it to be remarkably successful, you can use the software to create a similar workflow customized for another department. Workflows can be created for individual projects as well, keeping them on track and allowing easy analysis and reporting throughout the lifecycle of the project.


4. Through Better Regulatory Compliance

Many businesses, especially those in medicine, government, and finance, are subject to strict regulatory requirements, and in some industries, these regulations change frequently. A superior BPM software solution allows these companies to handle the effects of regulatory changes on workflows easily. By ensuring workflows are consistent with the latest in regulatory requirements, BPM software keeps processes from derailing while preventing costly regulatory violations.


5. By Enabling Improved Customer Service

BPM software can be used to create customer service workflows that ensure consistency in customer service. It can be used to create workflows that ensure customers are heard, and that their complaints or concerns are routed to the proper contact person, department, or customer service representative. Defined workflows for customer service prevent customers from “falling through the cracks” and can be set up to automatically alert key personnel should problems in the workflow arise.


6. By Improving Employee Satisfaction

When workflows make sense and are consistent, employees have a better idea of what to expect in their day-to-day tasks. Clearly defined and documented workflows that are effectively managed by BPM software help ensure that employees don’t waste time on cumbersome or inefficient procedures. A great BPM solution lets staff members focus on their tasks, with the information they need in one place, setting the stage for a happier, more rewarding work environment and motivated employees.



Even the smallest start-up business may have complicated processes. Defining and regularizing these processes help employees perform at their most efficient, can prevent costly errors, and ultimately result in improved revenues. BPM software isn’t just for huge enterprises. PerfectForms software includes powerful BPM tools with drag-and-drop convenience, so you won’t have to devote critical IT resources to developing systems for managing processes and workflows. Whatever your industry, PerfectForms empowers you to optimize workflows with easy-to-user BPM software that can be customized to suit your particular process requirements.

5 Ways to Take the Ugh Out of Your Company’s Time-Off Request Process

Time-off request process


Vacation requests based on manual paper processes or an ad hoc email request system can be fraught with potential for problems. The office manager or HR person responsible for processing leave requests can end up spending massive amounts of time ensuring that staffing won’t suffer during planned absences. And when multiple people request vacation days that overlap, employee frustration can mount also.


Scheduling conflicts inevitably occur with vacation requests, and handling vacation scheduling can be complex and demanding if you want to ensure business continuity while employees are absent. But there are a number of things you can do to take the “Ugh” out of time-off requests. Here are 5 tips for making vacation scheduling more effective and less disruptive.


1. Define and Effectively Communicate Your Vacation Policy

You should discuss your vacation policy during the hiring and on-boarding process and ensure that all employees have written copies of the policy. If there are specific periods during which vacations will be restricted or not allowed (such as in the lead-up to Christmas), ensure these periods are highlighted in the policy. Explain the procedure for determining which request receives priority should vacation requests coincide.


2. Set a Deadline for Vacation Requests

In your vacation policy, specify how far in advance employees must request vacation days and enforce it consistently. This will help ensure that your office manager or HR person has sufficient time to evaluate how the absence might affect production or delivery schedules. It also allows plenty of time for steps to be taken to ensure minimal disruption during employee absences.


3. Create an Online Vacation Request Form for Employees

Using a clear, user friendly online form for requesting vacation days is far preferable to using paper forms, which take longer, risk being lost, and needlessly prolong the request / approval cycle. The form should include spaces for relevant employee information, number of days off requested, and specific dates. Completed forms can be automatically submitted to the employee’s direct supervisor, and then to the office manager or whoever is responsible for scheduling.

With a capable online form system, users can be automatically notified by email at each step of the approval process so that there are no surprises and all relevant people can be kept informed at all times.


4. Enter Leave Data Into an Internally Shared Time-Off Calendar

Many companies use shared time-off calendars into which all vacation information is entered. Vacation requests entered into the calendar can be color coded based on where in the approval process requests are at any given time. With a time-off calendar available to all pertinent staff members, employees know what to expect when they request time off, and managers know ahead of time of the potential for scheduling conflicts so they can be avoided.


5. Prepare for Scheduled Absences

If co-workers will be covering the tasks of vacationing staff members, give them sufficient notice so they can prepare. Additionally, ask those taking time off to provide relevant co-workers with information on works in progress, specific responsibilities, key contacts, and how to access required files and other information to complete daily tasks. If possible, it’s best to distribute the absent person’s duties among multiple co-workers so that one person isn’t faced with having to do the work of two.



Scheduling time off is a challenge, and PerfectForms can help. PerfectForms is an automation and electronic forms solution that anyone can use to create custom electronic forms with a convenient drag-and-drop interface. PerfectForms lets you create your own custom forms from scratch or use a number of customizable templates, with no programming required. PerfectForms offers you the ideal tool for creating a vacation request process that will help prevent staff shortages and reduce scheduling conflicts. To learn more, watch our product demo, and see for yourself how easy it is to create custom electronic forms and integrate them into your workflows.

Have You Met My Good Friends, Drag and Drop?

Drag and drop forms


Businesses are as unique as fingerprints, and what helps one business run smoothly may not help a different business at all. Whether you run a bakery, a consultancy, or a tech start-up, your operations are unique, and this can present a challenge when you need business solutions. Off-the-shelf products may or may not do what you need. Ideally, you need business solutions that are easy to roll out and that can be customized to suit your unique requirements.

Most businesses deal with forms to some extent. Human resources copes with job and benefits applications, and many departments my use request forms for their services. But obtaining prefabricated forms isn’t always optimal, because they may leave out spaces for information your processes require, or they may have extra fields that aren’t necessary to your particular company. The result can be confusion and unnecessary lack of efficiency. Custom forms are best for most businesses.


Your IT Team Has Enough to Do Already

Perhaps you would like to create custom online forms to streamline processes like vacation requests or job applications, but chances are, your IT team has its hands full and probably doesn’t have the time or budget to develop custom online forms from scratch – assuming somebody has the programming skills necessary to do it in the first place. For most small and medium sized businesses, undertaking an IT project to create and implement custom business forms simply isn’t practical. So what do you do if you need forms but lack the programming skills to make them?


Create Forms With Drag and Drop Convenience

Today, the creation of sophisticated custom forms can be accomplished without programming. PerfectForms puts the power of custom form creation in your hands, and you’ll never write a single line of code. PerfectForms has a user-friendly drag-and-drop interface that lets you build, arrange, and modify forms for whatever purpose you need. With your mouse and a virtual canvas, you can build in the exact fields you need, define form behaviors (like automatic submission to a particular person after completion), and even integrate the forms with existing databases. In contrast to having IT experts create forms and automate workflows (which can take weeks or months, depending), PerfectForms lets you do all this in a fraction of the time.


Enjoy the Benefits of Process Automation

With custom online forms, you can significantly streamline workflows. Instead of filling out a paper form and handing it to a person, your employees can fill out their forms electronically, and what happens to the forms upon completion is up to you. A vacation request, for example, may be automatically submitted to the office manager, while a request for repairing a burned-out light may be automatically routed to the facilities manager. The average employee spends 400 hours a year searching for lost documents, but with electronic forms, documents can’t be mislaid or misfiled.

Electronic forms are easily searchable, don’t take up file cabinet space, and make coordination and collaboration easier. They also cut down on the amount of paper that businesses have to use, saving money and reducing environmental impact. With drag-and-drop convenience, you can start taking control of your business’s forms right now, without adding to IT workloads, and without learning how to program.



Forms are essential for most businesses, and for most businesses, off-the-shelf forms typically aren’t ideal. But who has the time or budget to have custom electronic forms made and to integrate them into workflows? PerfectForms is the solution that answers all these demands, offering a convenient drag-and-drop interface that allows you to create the exact forms you need and integrate them into your workflows. The results include improved efficiency, reduced paper usage, “greener” business practices, and all the cost savings associated with these advantages.

Share data seamlessly with database integration

The rise of modern IT infrastructure has created huge opportunities for organizations and individuals of all kinds, but everything hinges on being as convenient to use as possible. Sharing data effectively is a core aspect of modern business efficiency and, when leveraged properly, can significantly streamline corporate processes. However, it is important that this data is available to everyone within the organization who needs it, when they need it, in order to make the countless tasks in progress flow more smoothly, as well as helping to ensure that information does not get lost or overlooked. One of the primary ways to set up such a framework is to implement database integration.


Virtual storage space has huge and ever-growing potential for making organizations more efficient and streamlining work for staff. However, with that power comes a wide range of competing programs and standards, making it difficult for the average person to understand how to approach the problem of integrating their data. When information is collected, some data may come in the form of spreadsheets and other data may come from totally different, disparate applications. It can seem like a daunting task to integrate it all into a single, informative report. A programmer might think of a way to do this, but what is simple to a programmer can be more difficult for a layperson. As a result, many employees simply copy the data manually, which takes hours or even days – time that could be better spent on other tasks. It is clear to see why programs designed to overcome these obstacles, and to make things as simple and streamlined as possible, are popular among all kinds of organizations.


PerfectForms is built around the idea that database integration is a central part of modern IT. Not only does the approach permit the integration of a variety of different standards, it accomplishes this without any need for coding. Thus, it becomes possible to extend the life of legacy systems, implement new programs and share data, regardless of that data’s origins. For example, the information collected in HTML forms can be integrated with a database as easily as that from workflow applications, but legacy data from an older system can be integrated as well, through open APIs and web services.


PerfectForms also offers several specially designed components to ensure flawless integration with:


  • -Google spreadsheets
  • -Salesforce.com
  • -SAP


Through perfect compatibility with these channels, PerfectForms ensures these especially common sources of important information can easily be integrated with other data. Additionally, the fact that PerfectForms can be installed on local computers or accessed via the cloud helps to further improve convenience and utility for end users.


Database integration is a vital part of designing software. When interaction with outside groups is necessary, these requirements can be compounded further. PerfectForms ensures a smooth transition, easy database integration and the utmost convenience for staff. By eliminating the need for coding, it becomes easier for organizations to achieve effective, efficient processes.


How PerfectForms is transforming higher education

Institutions of higher education have been switching to form builders and workflow software to automate their IT departments. This step has helped reduce labor-related costs and speed up the process of administration. Using online forms to replace traditional PDF files and manual forms has saved a lot of time and energy, allowing the resources freed up by PerfectForms workflow solutions to be used in other projects within the institution.


University of Tennessee Martin Enjoys Success with PerfectForms


For a while, the University of Tennessee Martin (UTM) had to deal with long queues on the day of freshman orientation. The institution used to process all student ID cards on that particular day, which inconvenienced both students and IT staff. Six photo booths were needed to take more than 300 photos that were attached to students’ forms in the morning hours. The IDs would then have to be processed so the students could pick them up in the afternoon.


PerfectForms changed all that. Students can now fill out forms online and upload their photos at their own convenience before the date of orientation. The ID cards are processed early enough for freshmen to pick up when they report to UTM. IT staff can check online to see which students haven’t uploaded their photos and remind them to do so via email. This innovative use of technology led to UTM winning the top prize at the Professional Development Group’s First Annual Best Practices Awards in 2010 due to the university’s implementation of easy-to-use, money-saving tools.


University of Portland Also Benefits from PerfectForms


The University of Portland had a different challenge: online form creation. All departments requested custom forms, which was too much work for the university’s IT staff. The enormous data collection and creation problem needed a solution as quickly as possible.


The answer came in the form of PerfectForms workflow software. The system was installed across the institution so that all departments – and even students – have access to it. Anyone can open the software and custom-create an online form. Not every person has technical know-how, which is something that PerfectForms considered when designing the software.


Benefits of PerfectForms


The forms created using PerfectForms are stored on PerfectForms’ servers. They can be linked to institutions’ websites from there, negating the need for universities to upload and store the forms themselves. The servers leverage 128-bit encryption technology, making all documents secure and allowing several users to concurrently use the form creator without crashing.


There are many more ways higher education is being transformed by PerfectForms. Love PerfectForms? Tell us your story!


Does your HR department need a helping hand?

The business climate for the past several years has been challenging, to say the least. In an effort to control costs, many companies have stripped staff to the bone. The problem is, employees are the most vital business asset in any organization, and effectively managing employees should be a top priority in these complex times.


Human resource professionals are particularly under the gun. They’re the ones responsible for putting in place the systems and processes needed to keep current employees happy while recruiting and retaining the talent that is crucial to every business’ success and future growth. It takes a combination of thought leadership and execution on behalf of HR personnel to bolster retention while strengthening recruitment, so it’s time to consider providing the tools to make their daily tasks more manageable.
Automate to Empower
There are options available to help improve the efficiency of your HR department. Automation allows HR to standardize certain critical processes, facilitating a shift of focus toward mission-critical tasks like business development strategy and employee development and retention.


HR applications and workflow automation solutions can be customized to handle tasks like:


• Employee applications and feedback

• Performance evaluations

• Recruitment

• Time and attendance tracking

• Vacation requests


Key Features to Look For


Automating these tasks can reduce data entry errors, streamline operations, eliminate redundancy and make the process more transparent to other staff members. As we all strive to become more sustainable in our day-to-day business practices, automation can reduce or even eliminate the need for a paper trail. This makes communication easier and will contribute toward improving employee satisfaction, which will enhance retention and keep the business growing.


Each business has its own specific HR needs and customization is crucial to a successful automation process. It’s important to integrate existing data and practices into any solution.  Reporting is also crucial to any HR effort. Quick analysis of data can help management steer the proverbial ship when it comes time to add employees and fuel growth.


As companies continue to ask more from their HR employees, utilizing workflow solutions is the most efficient way to streamline repetitive tasks and improve office workflows. Automating your HR tasks using PerfectForms means allowing a customizable solution to fully integrate and automate employee lifecycle management. If your goal is to improve HR’s workflow, consider PerfectForms.