6 New Year’s Resolutions You Can Actually Keep

Benjamin Franklin, “Mr. Practical,” once said, “Let every new year find you a better man.” It might be unwise to make too unconquerable a New Year’s resolution, but in the spirit of Mr. Franklin, let us make some realistic resolutions to streamline our work lives.


Goal One: Save Time


In business, time is as valuable as gold. Companies should use workflow management software to make sure they don’t squander any of that precious resource. A workflow management system sets up a specific sequence for necessary business tasks and monitors their performance. The whole idea is to keep things organized and “flowing” so that as little time as possible is eaten up during the process.


Goal Two: Save Money


In a 2014 study, Catalog Spree and Paper Karma gathered information from the Clean Air Council and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) on paper waste in the United States. According to their findings, the average office worker in the U.S. uses more than 10,000 sheets of paper ever single year, costing businesses untold millions. Workflow management solutions preserve the stuff that doesn’t grow on trees by reducing your need for the stuff that does.


Goal Three: Save Effort


Form-creation software allows you to quickly and easily put together your very own customized forms. There is no need to learn or use any computer code. It is as easy as “drag and drop.” This is a surefire way to make workflow management tasks less tedious and unpleasant and more efficient and productive.


Goal Four: Simplify


If you can simplify things without sacrificing completeness or accuracy, that is a big plus in the world of business. The form-creation process used by PerfectForms is amazingly simple. Guides and parameters around which the process is structured ensure you will find convenient slots for all relevant and necessary information. This system helps cut down on clerical errors, which can be quite costly.


Goal Five: Automate


It is a noble goal to automate without de-humanizing. The automation aspect keeps things moving instead of letting operations get bogged down. That being said, a tool is only as good as the people managing it. With a system like PerfectForms, you really can have the best of both worlds.


Goal Six: Integrate


Even if the benefits of the first five resolutions can be attained, you still need to integrate all those gains into your pre-existing business systems. The resolutions that PerfectForms can aid you in achieving this year are not isolated blips. Instead, they can work well with every imaginable type of form and in every single department. In fact, the dedicated PerfectForms staff will even come right to your business and help install and integrate the company’s workflow management system. After that, this helpful support team will only be a quick phone call away.

Lose the Paper! Benefits of a Paperless Office

With natural resources at an all-time low and technology capabilities at a high, having a paperless office makes sense. In addition to sparing the environment, eliminating the use of paper can increase productivity, organization, and security. Here are just some of the ways going paperless can improve your business.


Unlimited Filing Space

Storing physical documents on-site requires plenty of office space, which can be restrictive. Going paperless, on the other hand, allows you to keep files on management systems with larger storage capacities. Thanks to technologies like cloud storage and flash drives, storage space is virtually unlimited.


Effortless and Time-Saving Document-Sharing

With documents stored in a virtual location, it is easier to access, share and send files to the relevant people. In addition to easy sharing, documents can be retrieved within minutes without having to search through filing cabinets.


Confidential Documents Kept Private

One of the biggest benefits of a paperless office is increased document security. With physical filing systems, sensitive documents are at risk of being accessed by unauthorized parties. Digital storage remedies this security problem by allowing you to set passwords to restrict access to confidential information.


File Important Documents for Audit

Documents required for audits are of a very sensitive nature and need to be stored in a secure location. These include financial records, contracts, investment transactions and personal details of clients and personnel. If this data lands in the wrong hands, it can have devastating effects on your business. Paperless digital storage allows you to set up strict security measures to protect important files only accessible to authorized personnel.


Convenient Remote Access

Keeping documents on-site means personnel and executives have to be present on the premises to retrieve files. In a paperless office, this is not necessary. Documents can be accessed from any location, provided the user has password information and an Internet connection. Remote access opens up many avenues of productivity because it allows personnel to work from home, from other branches of the business and even from overseas.


Cut Office Operation Costs

Every year, businesses spend thousands on printing, faxing, mailing, information-recording and other office tasks. Going paperless makes these tasks electronic and eliminates the expense of buying paper in bulk. Not only does eliminating paper costs increase the bottom line, it allows the same tasks to be carried out faster while freeing capital for other business projects.


Keep Up with Green Corporate Trends

Going green is not only beneficial for the environment, it is also an evolutionary, necessary step for businesses. It creates a productive workplace for employees, eliminates unnecessary expenses and keeps your enterprise relevant in a shifting corporate climate. In addition to being an economical transition, instating a paperless office provides sustainability for long-term success.


How to Create a Paperless Office

Transitioning to a paperless office takes strategic planning. You need to consider:

  • -The type of software and storage space your business needs
  • -How much training is required for personnel to use the management system effectively
  • -How to introduce customers and clients to your system without complicating transactions
  • -The cost of implementing paperless software, equipment and procedures
  • -How many personnel are required to scan and convert new and existing document for digital storage
  • -What external help you will need to maintain the document management system and to troubleshoot technical glitches when they arise

The effort and cost needed to implement a paperless office might raise some legitimate concern, especially for growing businesses. However, going digital saves time and money in the long run. Research available workflow software offers customized to your business needs and acquire the help you need to reap the full benefits of losing the paper.

Online sickness notifications allow you to stay bundled in bed

It’s a phenomenon that plays out thousands of times a day in America, and most frequently on Mondays and Fridays: the sick-day call. It can be an awkward encounter for both the employee and employer, and while no one ever said the workplace is perfect, there is a perfect workflow tool available when it comes to dealing with sick days.


This practical but exciting workflow tool is a sickness notification form. It’s practical because it’s simple to fill out, and it’s exciting because the form is completed online. All an employee has to do is log in and specify the day or date he or she will be unavailable for work, as well as his or her name, email, department and job title, plus the name and email of his or her manager.


With a push of the “send” button, most of those awkward, painful moments surrounding sick-day calls disappear. Consider the advantages for the employee, who can:


  • -Complete the form a full day ahead of time (or more), thereby providing greater notice to the employer, who in turn can make accommodations for the absence.
  • -Dispense with the stress and worry of tracking down the employer on the sick day because — let’s face it –  a quizzical irony of the workplace is that sometimes when you need to get in touch with a colleague the most, you just can’t seem to make the connection.
  • -Rest easy, knowing that the employer will receive the notification promptly.
  • -Stay bundled in bed (where the employee probably belongs anyway).


This nifty workflow tool also delivers multiple benefits to the employer, including:


  • -Faster and improved communication.
  • -The ability to plan for absences.
  • -The potential to eliminate paperwork through automation.
  • -Streamlined and consistent employee recordkeeping.


Whether you’re looking for a standalone workflow tool or a fully integrated one, PerfectForms will work with you to create a solution that is – what else? – perfectly suited to your company’s needs. After all, “perfect” is more than part of our name; it’s exactly the kind of solution we’re determined to achieve for our customers, too.



Has your classroom been checked for safety regulation compliance?

The break between semesters is the perfect time to evaluate your school’s policies regarding student and instructor safety. While sovereign immunity statues do protect school districts from most litigation, the failure to protect students from preventable injuries, through negligence or an unsafe environment, lifts the immunity and exposes the district to a lawsuit. Using form creator software, you can put together a checklist for every classroom in your district to assist teachers and principals in addressing potential safety problems. Though manual creation of safety checklists is an option, you conserve time, reduce costs and achieve greater control over compliance when using online form builder software.


Saving Time and Money


At a time when schools are trying to cut costs at every opportunity, it might seem counterintuitive to believe that spending money on form creator software can actually lower expenses overall. With a manual process, you have to pay someone to spend hours typing and editing the forms for each campus, all while they wait for approval from the administration. Add to that the cost of physically printing the forms and you’ve spent a small fortune.


Online software eliminates the majority of these costs. The drag-and-drop builder tools provide the form-builder with the basic framework for the school safety checklist in a matter of minutes. Then, instead of printing and distributing the form, the administration can send links either via email or directly to a mobile device. Further simplifying matters, the form creator software can then send periodic reminders to instructors and administrators to complete their safety checklists before students return to class.


Performance Analysis


Because of the importance of safety on your campus, it is vital that you are able to analyze instructor compliance. If you use a manual form, all of the data must be collated and analyzed by hand. It’s easy for information to fall through the cracks and for bad behavior to go unnoticed. Form builder software allows the administration to get a better overall picture of safety concerns across all campuses by analyzing instructor and site compliance.


Reports show you which instructors consistently follow the rules, as well as highlight those who are consistently lax in their commitment to staff and student safety. With this information in hand, you can coach instructors and point out unacceptable behavior before someone gets injured. In addition, as a school district administrator, you can compare the implementation of safety strategies across campuses and address principals whose instructors fail to meet expectations on a regular basis.


Actionable Information


Not all safety issues are a matter of instructor neglect. Sometimes, they are a direct result of maintenance problems. Through the use of form builder software, you can integrate maintenance requests with the safety checklist to speed up the process of compliance. For instance, if nine of the 20 desks in a classroom have broken or missing parts, which would cause the classroom to fail its safety inspection, the instructor or the principal can immediately make a request to have the desks replaced. Instead of waiting for the data to be collected and analyzed before taking action, the people who are in the classroom are better equipped to address maintenance issues immediately.


Adopting online form creation tools eases the burden on your faculty, staff and administration to operate a safe campus so they can spend more time on the most important part of their jobs: educating.


Fight back: Don’t let your credit collections control you!

Time is money and very few companies have all the time in the world to chase overdue and unpaid accounts. However, many businesses do just that, engaging in a tiresome marathon of attempted collections without managing to recoup enough capital to cover the cost of all that chasing. Fortunately, there is a better and more productive way to recover money from customers.


Virtual Solutions for All Businesses


Intuitive invoicing software provides companies with an innovative, virtual solution for managing billing issues. Business process management software can also offer simple solutions to workplace procrastination and task mismanagement. Using BPM software is like taking an exhaustive amount of analytics and metrics formulas, stuffing it all into a data blender and pulling out a beautiful answer to previous invoicing problems.


Online form-building software versatile enough to meet all types of A/R requirements is just what any business needs to keep invoicing fast, traceable and, ultimately, collectible. That is precisely why workflow software is necessary- it provides customized invoicing software that can patch all of those issues.


Invoicing needs are incorporated into the billing process through sophisticated, automated software. The software is built on a platform that naturally assesses workflow, addresses the inconsistencies, and eventually gives the user a form that is effective for productive billing and collection. The user-friendly system allows billing information to be all-inclusive and available to pertinent parties, including billing and collection representatives, as well as other companies for commercial transparency.


The Billing and Collection Process


BPM software helps businesses expedite A/R functions by offering form-building programs that can create accurate and effective invoices in a snap. Billing problems can arise from myriad sources, yet most people can follow a similar process to optimize collections. Bills should be sent out quickly, invoice forms must be readable, customers need to be encouraged to contact businesses in the event of payment difficulty, and notices regarding overdue balances should be issued in a timely manner using plain, polite language. However, many companies get lost in commercial translation and the effectiveness of bill collection takes a beating.


A billing system drawn from a multitasking workflow management program takes the confusion out of the equation because companies can take the software and create an invoicing system that is

Trim the fat: 2 ways to streamline your corporate processes

To run a business efficiently, members of management must make wise choices when it comes to streamlining the many processes used in its operations. Taking unnecessary steps out of complicated processes has the potential to save a company both time and money. Software programs can be used in several different areas of a business, from inventory and ordering to shipping and receiving. Here are two ways to streamline your corporate processes.


Integrate Systems


Look for workflow software that easily integrates with legacy software and databases. Integrated systems allow for optimum efficiency because they prevent double work. Being able to seamlessly integrate information from one software system to another not only streamlines the workflow but prevents the creation of unnecessary documentation that can clog the system. Information can be transferred from one place to another without creating duplicate entries.


Spreadsheets, scheduling, inventory lists and other important forms are used by different departments for a variety of reasons. With a workflow software program that allows information to be easily moved, there is no need to continually search for data or re-enter it each time it is needed. The system automatically integrates forms and produces information in the format required for each department.


Automate Workflow


Workflow systems create software programs and specialized forms that help to automate workflows. Automation makes it possible for information to be passed from department to department without relying on an employee, keeping the data moving along the pipeline in a fast and efficient manner. This means as each department finishes its segment of the process and the final data is scanned in, the information is automatically sent on to the next phase of production.


Automation takes the guesswork out of the production process. As one department’s job is completed, the next sector is provided whatever data is needed to complete its portion of the process. The operation is smooth and free-flowing, allowing employees to perform other tasks. When workers are not tied to a computer monitoring various steps in the program, they are able to do other things, thereby improving production rates and increasing overall performance.


Saving time and money is the name of the game, especially in today’s economy when every minute counts. Using the right forms and computer programs can streamline a system, making company processes more efficient and financially rewarding.

Code Blue: 7 reasons you need a BPM, stat!

Change comes hard for some people – especially when it comes to business. Companies that have been around for a while are especially tough nuts to crack, as they tend to have an “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” attitude. But when it comes to adopting business process management (BPM) software, things do not necessarily need to be “broken.” BPM software just does everything better – giving you plenty of reasons to make the switch.


Seven Reasons Why You Should Immediately Switch to BPM


  1. To make more money – Businesses that embrace BPM software are better positioned to make more money. The gains in efficiency and information tend to lead to higher-quality output and better decision-making, which in turn benefits the bottom line.
  2. You are tired of needless mistakes – The first time a manager misses an important detail, you can let it go. People make mistakes. The third time, it starts to get frustrating. While it could be the fault of the employee, it could also be an issue with the system, especially if the problem is happening in multiple areas. BPM software ensures that all info is in front of the people who need it. This cuts down on needless mistakes, and saves you from blowing a gasket.
  3. You’d rather be on vacation – Keeping a company running is often the equivalent of two full-time jobs, which makes it pretty hard to take any time off. However, this does not have to be the case. A more efficient system tends to cut down on the need for micromanaging. If you want to have enough time to better your golf game, first you will have to better your business.
  4. You have a need for speed – Would you like to see just how fast a product can be made from start to finish? Sometimes, especially if you are invested in the company, you enjoy doing a good job as quickly as possible without sacrificing quality. BPM results in faster processing times from start to finish.
  5. You are a control freakBPM gives you better control over your corporate operations. By embedding business rules into the system, you know that everything is happening according to the rules you put in place.
  6. You always want to get better – Introducing BPM is the beginning of a systematic improvement process for your business. It is a starting point on a path of endless betterment.
  7. You want to leave others in the dust – The only way you can remain competitive is to use the best systems available. If you want to beat the other guys, BPM is a must.


There are businesses out there that may never use BPM software, but yours should not be one of them. There are simply too many good reasons to take your company to the next level.


Triple HR efficiency with these 3 process automations

Increased compliance requirements for employees, high turnover rates in many industries and the need for rapid integration of new employees make automation one of the most effective means of increasing the efficiency of a company’s hiring and training process. Three key areas for any industry are employee onboarding, employee feedback and employment contract forms.


Employee Onboarding


Every human resources director understands the complications of working with new, well, human resources. There are endless paper packets to prepare and send, and tedious hours to be spent filling out the same information on multiple forms. Human resources personnel waste precious time entering the same data over and over, with frequent room for mistakes. Added to that, multiple government programs require the same data be re-entered, and staff must follow up with each new hire to make sure every “I” is dotted and every “T” is crossed.


Virtual employee onboarding solutions make the days of paper packets and data entry a thing of the past. From start to finish, PerfectForms automates the entire process, increasing productivity, saving money and improving accuracy. Integrated forms mean new employees fill out each piece of information one time, then the program does the rest. One set of hands means fewer mistakes and frees up HR personnel to do other things. The automated system even sends out reminders and notifications to employees, helping make sure all their information is submitted on time. In-system tools are a one-stop shop for companies to keep track of employee progress and integrate information across their databases and even government programs like E-Verify. Eliminating the paperwork headache frees HR personnel to focus on what the Society for Human Resource Management identifies as a critical onboarding component, the company culture.


Employee Feedback


Keeping employees long-term is always preferable to the expense that high turnover creates. Every year, nearly one-quarter of the labor force undergoes a career transition, according to SHRM. If a company wants to keep its top workers and develop new talent, it needs to keep its people happy. The trouble with feedback forms of the past was three-fold: paper limits the amount of information that can be collected, employees don’t always remember to turn in surveys and they worry about being honest. The information then needs to go from a written form to some kind of useable data to do any good. There is a better way to collect actionable insight from the workforce.


PerfectForms workflow software solutions help design web-based, user friendly forms that allow a company to organize questions in easy-to-digest segments. They can be set up so the results remain anonymous but show if a form was submitted by each employee. Best of all, there is no need for additional money to spend, nor is there the risk of possible errors with data entry. The output from the forms can be integrated directly with the company’s SQL or other database.


Employee Contract Forms


Last but not least, employee contract forms can take up huge amounts of time and paper. Each position is unique, each package is unique and each employee is unique. Plug-and-play forms provide the template for the basic contract information most companies need and leave the flexibility to customize the information accordingly.


Business is all about effectiveness and efficiency. Automating these three HR processes saves time and money while giving employees and employers a better work experience. PerfectForms has ideal workflow software solutions that cover every aspect of HR and workflow needs.

Run workflow software like a boss

Maybe your business has recently expanded and you’re having some trouble keeping up with the demands of the growth. Or perhaps you’re looking for a way to save money and increase efficiency. Whatever your reasons for considering workflow software, there are quite a few ways for you to benefit from the technology. Workflow applications are quickly becoming some of the best tools a manager or administrator can wield in the modern workplace. The following are just a few advantages your company can enjoy when deploying full-featured workflow software.


Minimized Dependence on Technical Resources


Workflow software should be all about streamlining your workflow, not making things more difficult, right? With the correct software, even your least technically minded employees can take full advantage of the program’s features. No prior experience or specialized coding knowledge is required to create powerful workflow applications, both increasing your efficiency and reducing your dependence on technical resources. Decreasing your development and deployment time means your employees will be spending more time doing their jobs and less time preparing for them.


Improved Communication


Breakdowns in communication are not only frustrating, but costly. No project ever runs like it was intended, and even the smallest change can drastically alter an entire undertaking. Workflow software helps eliminate mistakes and confusion created when you and your employees fail to communicate properly. With workflow software, no longer will anyone have the excuse of not knowing about the latest changes, updates, or any other crucial developments. Leave the “he said, she said” to the office gossip, and use your workflow software to ensure that you and your employees are all on the same page.


Increased Visibility and Oversight


One of the biggest benefits you gain from workflow software is visibility into your entire workflow process. With this kind of oversight, you can see who is working on what, which tasks are being escalated, and what problems may have arisen. Workflow applications can even give real-time updates and notifications to keep you up to date as things are happening.


Substantially Reduced Costs


As a manager, more often than not, the bottom line is your bottom line. After all, what reason is there to improve your efficiency if not to help maximize your revenue? After reading through the previous benefits, you probably see just how a workflow program can help save a few bucks. Increased efficiency, reduced dependence on resources, incredible oversight, and clear and effective lines of communication are just a few of the ways you and your company can lower your costs and increase your profits with workflow software.


Workflow software provides managers and administrators with the capability to manage their operations in a way never before possible. From better communication and visibility to a decreased reliance on resources — not to mention a ton of money being saved in the process — workflow software is the perfect way to streamline and maximize the efficiency of your operations. Why should you have to deal with endless micro-managing when you can be focused on what really matters? (We don’t just mean your golf game. Though, after all, you are the boss.)

BPM vs workflow software: Which is right for you?

For many people in the business world, the terms “workflow” and “business process management (BPM)” are synonymous. This is unfortunate, because workflow management software and business process management software are two different beasts, each designed to serve a separate purpose for a company. For businesses, understanding the differences is key to taking advantage of what each solution has to offer. It is only by understanding what separates workflow from BPM that one can decide which tool is best for a particular company.


What is workflow management software?


According to Gartner, workflow technology has been around for more than two decades, and has allowed countless companies to improve the interactions between software systems and the people who use them. Workflow software gives organizations a way to coordinate systematized and manual tasks so the efficiency of both is improved. While it originally existed in many variations, it has now become a free-standing technology that is used across a range of applications.


Workflow software can be found in many different forms, based on what it has been specialized to accomplish. Some of these iterations include workflows for different areas of business, such as human resources, accounting, shipping, sales, marketing and customer support.


What is BPM software?


BPM software is a newer approach to coordinating work – one that attempts to tackle the problem holistically and cover all of a company’s resources. BPM also coordinates the interactions between manual and systematized tasks, but instead of doing so for a single application or discipline, it synergizes every task within a company using the same approach across all of these systems. It is designed to be familiar to any employee who has access to the system.


How are they different?


Workflow software technology has proven incredibly useful, and continues to provide specific solutions to various situations faced by an array of businesses. However, there are substantial advantages offered by BPM technologies. As a more advanced iteration of tried and true workflow technology, BPM takes what works best in workflow and improves it.


With workflow software, if a company needed a workflow solution for sales, it could create a specific workflow for the department. This would not be difficult to accomplish, especially using the improved design systems that are now available. Once a company created the workflow, it could use this as needed – but only in the sales department. A company would have to develop a new workflow for each department and then train each department how to use the software.


On the other hand, if a company implemented a BPM system, the majority of departments would already be accounted for. Ideally, everyone would receive training on the new system and department-specific workflows would be integrated into any department where they could be of benefit. Even if no ready-made solutions existed, it would be easy enough to create a new one using the existing template provided by the business process management software provider.


Which solution should you choose?


There are still many companies that use workflow management software exclusively. If the need for workflow software is limited to a few areas of an enterprise, there may be no real need to install a full business process management software solution.


For businesses that want the highest level of control over all of their systems, along with greater data collection and analyzing abilities, business process management software is the obvious choice.