Form Builder Software

  Form Builder Software


When you invest in user-friendly form builder software, it's actually quite easy to create interactive documents for your business. Customer feedback, product surveys and management appraisals are highly effective market-research tools. You can use the feedback you receive to shift your advertising efforts, make changes to your packages, switch delivery methods, improve product quality and just about anything else your customers and employees demand. One of the best ways to keep growing in this ever-changing economy is to listen carefully to what people are saying and react quickly to it.

The PerfectForms form builder features a unique set of emoticons and picture grids that can be used to measure satisfaction levels. Rather than just checking a box or selecting an item from a drop-down menu, respondents can rate their satisfaction levels by dragging the mouse up or down. One popular emoticon features a woman with a blank expression. Respondents can change her expression to sad or happy, depending on their satisfaction levels.

Create Unique-Looking Documents Using PerfectForms Form Builder Software

PerfectForms form builder software comes with handy windows and pop-up help bubbles to walk you through the design process. If you're in a hurry, you can also use style sheets to create PerfectForms's version of generic forms. Even these documents tend to get better response rates than most.

When you use FormArtist software, you have control over who sees your surveys. You can also export addresses from your web client and send out email notifications with links to your current interactive documents. If you want to test PerfectForms's form builder and determine its suitability for your company, you can download a free version online and take it for a spin.