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Today, more businesses are finding that there are many advantages to using electronic forms software to create all types of needed forms to serve their clients or customers, and for their employees, as well. Some of the documents that can be created using form maker software include:

  • Job applications
  • Accident reports
  • Overtime approvals
  • Health-insurance documentation
  • Time cards
  • Business-specific documents

PerfectForms form software will help you save time and frustration by creating online forms that eliminate the need to route paper from one location to the next. Our form design software offers solutions that will save time and make your record keeping system more efficient and secure.

One of the largest obstacles companies have found towards implementing electronic forms into their system is the lack of time needed in order for their employees to learn HTML. It can also be very expensive to hire web developers or web designers who provide web development services to create custom application for any specific business needs. These problems are eliminated with PerfectForms form maker software. No technical experience is needed to design, upload or manage electric forms. Our system is fast and easy to learn and allows you to create custom design forms that your business requires, with no coding ever required.

PerfectForms Form Software Makes Customizing Electronic Documents Easy

It couldn’t be easier to develop the electronic forms you need using PerfectForms’ drag and drop visual editor. All you have to do is select the objects you want for the form you are creating and drag it to the canvas. The system uses the scenes to create the code. You will also have the option to modify images, colors, font attributes and more. You can also use the visual editor to define supporting workflow and necessary reports, and add alerts and escalations, so that the right people know about the document creation process.

PerfectForms is the ideal choice in form design software for any business that is worried about the time and investment of implementing electronic forms into their daily operation. Try PerfectForms with our 30 day no-obligation trial. Contact us to sign up for your free trial or to learn more about how PerfectForms can help you speed up your form creating process. It takes care of every phase of electronic form use, including creating it, deploying it and reporting on it.

There is simply no easier, faster or more advanced form software available, today, than PerfectForms. Save time by building forms and automating processes in a fraction of the time it now takes. You can connect the form or application you create to numerous data sources, automatically populating fields with the data that already exists. Report on any collected data, in real time, at any time. PerfectForms lets you easily route your form to immediately get it where it needs to go once the document is complete. There is never a need for a programmer, and you don’t need to outsource to another company. Contact us to learn more about PerfectForms form maker software and how it can simplify your business.


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