HTML Forms

  HTML Forms


If you wanted to post HTML forms on your website, you'd normally have to hire a web designer to create them. Thanks to PerfectForms, even inexperienced users can create and post HTML forms. You don't have to know how to write text script or learn code in order to use this program. In fact, you can create your first interactive document in just minutes.

FormArtist from PerfectForms allows you to upload HTML forms with the following features:

  • Text fields, including drop-down boxes and multi-line boxes for comments and suggestions
  • Pictures using GIF and JPG files
  • Submit buttons for sending the data to the appropriate locations for analysis
  • Radio buttons and check boxes, which allow users to select multiple answers
  • PerfectForms emoticons and satisfaction levers
  • Blank fields for attaching support documents

Create HTML Forms with No Technical Experience

Adding HTML surveys to your website makes your company that much more accessible to the public. If you're tired of faxing documents to customers, it's time to switch to the digital age. It would take a professional web designer countless hours to create these worksheets and cost you thousands of dollars.

You can use the information you receive from interactive HTML forms to populate email lists and generate direct-marketing materials for new product launches. You can use FormArtist to create additional content, such as fun and informative product quizzes, customer-satisfaction surveys and employee-feedback forms. If you're hiring a new employee, you can use this software to simplify the hiring process as well.