Connections in PerfectForms allow easy integrations

Hello PerfectForms Community,
PerfectForms is a very flexible tool that can be used to build out anything as simple as a basic web form to complex applications with third party integrations. By using our Connections tab configuring connections to other software is made easy. Our integrations include Database connections, Directory Service Connections, Connections to PerfectForms Form data, and SOAP API/Web service calls.
PerfectForms ability to connect to almost anything allows you to fill the gap in a current software solution without costly development. You can utilize PerfectForms to replace or extend your current solution with its ability to:
•     Quickly build HTML Forms
•     Build Workflow Driven Processes
•     Convert or Format Data
•     Store Data
•     Integrate with other software
•     Run Real-Time Calculations
And much more.
A great example of how PerfectForms connections can be utilized to interact with 3rd party software was recently published by WebMerge. The blog post outlines a quick and easy instructional on how they were able to use PerfectForms’ form creator software to create a web form that would be used to populate fields in their E-Form. WebMerge offers a product with a unique feature set including the ability to upload a PDF copy or Word Document version of a form in which you would like the fields to be populated by API from a web form. This offering can come in handy for forms with a set format such as a W2 (Which we all know don’t convert well to digital format.) A link to this article can be found HERE.
I hope this article sparked some creative thoughts on doing more with PerfectForms.
Thanks for reading and happy form building.

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