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Quickstart Guide

This list provides links to the related help and tutorial pages for each step in this Quickstart guide.


Step 1:  Getting Started

Navigating PerfectForms™


Step 2:  Create a New Form

Creating a New Private Form

Layout Tutorial


Step 3:  Add Objects to Your Form

Laying Out a Form

Layout Tutorial


Step 4:  Add Workflow to Your Form

Adding Workflow

Workflow Tutorial


Step 5:  Add Notifications to Your Form

Setting Notifications, Reminders, Escalations

For a full list of behavior commands available, see the Behaviors Toolbox Reference table.

Workflow Tutorial


Step 6:  Save and Close Your Form

Saving and Closing a Form


Step 7:  Publish Your Form

Publishing and Deploying Your Form


Step 8:  Fill Out a Form and Submit

Filling in Forms


Step 9:  Manage Form Instances

Navigating PerfectForms™


Step 10:  Create a Report

Designing a Report

Reporting Tutorial