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PerfectForms™ Help Guide

Integrating forms with other systems allows you to build powerful forms applications that read data from and write data to databases, Web services, text files, other forms and directory services such as Active Directory.


PerfectForms™ can fulfill a wide range of tasks running independently of any other system. However, many organizations will need to fully integrate PerfectForms™ into their existing systems. PerfectForms™ allows you to extend your other systems by taking over the process that those systems cannot manage without going to great cost and effort to develop them.


Integration supports two main concepts:


Security - We have designed a lookup agent as an optional component that allows you to control access on an IP restricted basis. This means that even if you are using PerfectForms™ On-Demand rather than PerfectForms™ On-Premise, you can perform secure integration with in-house systems.

Ease-of-Use - We have structured all integration connections in the same way, so once you understand one connection type, connecting others will be easy. You can set up all integration types without writing any code. PerfectForms™ behaviors manage the process using two simple behavior commands.


You will typically use some or all of the following components to integrate a form:


The PerfectForms™ Connection Agent - This will be used for database and directory service (LDAP/Active Directory) lookups.

A connection - Connections are defined on the Dashboard and described in the other topics available within this section.

A connection action - Connection actions can insert data, select, or update data using send and/or receive parameters. A connection should always have at least one action created for it.

Connect or the Connect & Search Behavior commands - Use the integration commands in the Form Designer to have a form call a connection action. See also: Calling the Connection from a Form.


In your form you will find the need at one point or another to use the Connect or Connect & Search commands to read from/write data to another system. If it is a database, directory services, or text file integration, then it will go via the connection agent. If you are talking to a Web service or another PerfectForms™ form, then the Web service is called directly.