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PerfectForms™ Help Guide

Drill-down reporting is easily accomplished with PerfectForms™. In fact, it works automatically with certain objects that are placed within the same report. Drill-down is controlled by the following reporting object properties:


Can set dynamic filter - This option tells PerfectForms™ that any click within the selected reporting object should be broadcast to all other objects on the report. Unchecking this option means no drill down will occur at all as a result of a click on the object.

Respect dynamic filter - This option tells PerfectForms™ that any drill down event broadcast from another reporting object should be respected and so it should filter its data. Unchecking this option means that this object will not respond to a drill down event in another object.

Override Previous - By default, each object that you click on for a drill down remains in effect when subsequent objects are selected. In other words, the drill downs you select are cumulative. However, you may want a drill-down selection to clear all other existing drill down filters before performing its own drill down. In this case, you would check the Override Previous box.




You can use an asterisk (*) to perform a wildcard search. Searching is not case sensitive. You should note that if you do not use a wildcard, PerfectForms™ will automatically append one when searching.


* Looks for any number of characters from that point onwards (Do*) or before that point ( *Doe)

? Performs a single character placeholder match (J?hn Doe)