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PerfectForms™ Help Guide

Allowing a user to save a form and return to complete it later would normally require the user to enter an e-mail address so that a notification might be sent with a link to re-open the same instance. There may be occasions when a form or survey needs to remain confidential but the requirement to save and return later is also essential. This example demonstrates that requirement.


Once an instance has been submitted for the first time it is possible to extract the URL for the instance and show it in a field on the form. The user may then copy and save the link allowing them to re-open that instance later. For this example, a save button is included in the form. When the save button is pressed the unique URL to re-open the form instance is displayed in the form. The user can then copy the URL and use it in any browser window to re-open the same instance.


Be aware that it is necessary for the form instance to have been submitted at least once before the unique URL can be displayed. In this example, when the Save button is pressed the instance is submitted and immediately re-opened so the URL can be displayed.


Note: To download this form, click here. Then extract and import the form. Log on to PerfectForms™, go to the Forms Dashboard and click the Import button. Then select the form file you saved locally (.PF) and continue through the import steps.