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PerfectForms™ Help Guide

Known Issue (v1.14):  If you need to edit the connection settings from the Dashboard, you will be required to refresh that connection for any published forms that use it.


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To refresh the connection, follow the steps below.


1.Find the form that calls the connection you edited and open it in the Form Designer.

2.Locate a Connect behavior that calls the connection. The behavior will be linked to some event on the form. Some example uses of a Connect command include:

When the form is loaded - In this case, click in the gray area behind the layout canvas (loading the Form Properties in the Properties bar).

When a specific field is updated - In this case, locate the field and click on it (loading the field properties in the Properties bar).

When the form user moves to another page in the form - In this case, click on the Page button (loading the Page Properties in the Properties bar).        

3.In the Behaviors section of the Properties bar, click on the event that links to the connection. The Behaviors view is loaded.
4.On the Behaviors canvas, select the Connect command, loading the properties in the Properties bar. The name of the connection will be shown in those properties.


You have now refreshed the connection and updated its functionality for versions 1.14 and higher.