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PerfectForms™ Help Guide

You should save forms that you are working on often. PerfectForms™ will deny access to the system if data has not been sent from your browser within two hours.


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To save a form:


1.Press CTRL+S on your keyboard.


2.From the menu bar, select Form > Save.  Note the other save options in the menu:

If you wish to create a snapshot of the current state of your form, save it and then select Save as New Version.

If you wish to save the form as an entirely new form, then select Save as New Form.

If you have already published your form and then make further changes, the system will prompt you to create a new version.



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To close a form:  


1.From the menu bar, select Form > Close.


2.Click the Close Close Button (Form Designer) button in the right corner of the menu bar. Once your form is closed, you will return to the PerfectForms™ Dashboard.

Note: You will be prompted to save your form if you have not saved changes prior to selecting Close.