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Note: Notifications can only be tested by publishing the form then submitting a test instance of the form. Workflow behavior commands (such as the Notify command) are only executed when a form instance is submitted. See the Adding Workflow and Adding Behaviors topics for more information on these views in the Form Designer.


Main Section

The Main section enables you to select from the list of stages currently contained in the form as well as to specify summary detail for the Set Next Stage command.


NOTE: Our recommendation for best practice is to use the workflow diagram to manage stage transition. Use of the Set Next Stage command should be reserved for specific scenarios only.



[Stage Selection]

Select the workflow stage that the form will change to when the Set Next Stage command runs. This drop-down list contains all stages currently contained in the form.


Workflow Stages



Auto-summary refers to the text that will be shown on the command in the Behaviors canvas. By default, this check box is selected.


If you wish to have other summary text display, clear the Auto-summary check box and type the custom text in the list box below. Your text will be retained if you later decide to enable Auto-summary.


[Summary Text]

This is where manual summary text can be entered when the Auto-summary option is not turned on.