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PerfectForms™ Help Guide

Sometimes when you are editing your form, you may want to check your work and test your changes. While you could do this by publishing the form and clicking Create Instance on the Dashboard and submitting an instance, you would be creating actual instances that could affect reporting later. Also, if you are working with a live form, by choosing to publish while you are still making design changes, you are potentially exposing existing form users to unproven edits.


The preferred method for testing forms is to the use the Draft option under the Version section of the form details on the Dashboard.


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To put the form in draft mode:


1.Go to the Forms Dashboard.

2.Select the form in the Edit Forms tree.

3.Choose Draft under the Version section and then select the minor version number to use from the drop-down.

4.Click New Instance. While the form is in draft mode, any new instances will be created as drafts. Draft instances are stored but are not included in reports based on the form. Drafts are shown in italics on the Form Instances list and the tree on the Dashboard.

5.You are prompted to choose how to handle notifications associated with this form while in draft mode. You can choose to redirect notifications to yourself. Make the selection and click OK to proceed to the new draft instance.

New Draft Form Instance Dialog


6.Once testing is complete and the version has been published as a main version, you can delete the draft instances from the system. Use the Delete button and select Delete Draft Instances.

Delete Dialog