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PerfectForms™ Help Guide

Once you have your connection and action(s) defined, you can use them in your forms. You will need to add behaviors to your forms that will open the connection and run any of its actions. For information on adding behaviors to events on a form, see the Adding Behaviors topics.


Integration behavior commands include:


Connect (see Connect Properties)

Connect and Search (see Connect and Search Properties)

Transaction (see Transaction Properties)

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1.Load the form that will use the connection action in the Form Designer.

2.In Layout view, choose an event that will initiate the integration behavior command. The events are located in the Properties bar under the Behaviors section. The system switches to Behavior view.

3.From the Toolbox on left, find the Integration Commands section and drag the command you want to the Behaviors canvas.

4.On the Properties bar, select a connection from the Connections list.

5.Next select an action belonging to that connection. For more information, see Defining Connection Actions.

Note: The options shown on the Properties bar depend on the command you are using and the connection action selected.

6.Save your form and choose Preview from the Form menu to see your changes.