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PerfectForms™ Help Guide

You can include form meta data in your reports. To include meta data, edit the datasource and scroll to the bottom of the available fields list. Select the meta data fields to report on and click OK.


The following is a list of commonly used meta data fields:


Instance Name - This is the instance name defined in the properties of the form.

Instance Number - This is the sequential instance number that is generated for each form.

Last Submission Date - The date the form instance was last submitted.

Link - This is a special link that can be used within the data list report object and will display an Open button that opens the form instance.

Stage - This shows the current workflow stage for the form instance.

Instance ID - This is a system wide unique number that identifies the form instance.

Parent Instance ID - For child forms, this identifies the form's parent instance.


Additional meta data fields are being made available in subsequent releases so check back for updates to this list.


To learn more on how this meta data can be put to use, see the Creating a Reporting Portal topic.