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You can specify if an object can be tabbed to and the order in which the focus will move from object to object when the Tab key is pressed.


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To see a demonstration of tab order management, see the Tab Order Management Example topic (available only in the online version of this help guide).


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To set or modify tab stops and tab order:


1.With a form loaded in the Form Designer in Layout view, select the object for which you want to control tabbing. The object properties are displayed on the Properties bar.

2.In the Properties bar, expand the Navigation section.

3.To exempt the selected object from the tab order, turn off the Tab Stop check box.

4.To set or modify the tab order, enter a Number to represent the object order. As a general practice, tab order or movement should go from top left to bottom right.

Note: A Check box Group object or Radio Button Group object can be included in the tab order. When a form user tabs through to the group object, they will come to the first object in the group, then they will use the arrow keys to navigate through the other options.

5.On the menu bar, select Form > Preview to test the tab order.


Alternative Methods


tog_plus        Managing Tab Order from the Browser bar


tog_plus        Managing Tab Order in the Properties bar