Schools and universities must balance a shortage of funding with the growing demands of a process-driven world. Increasingly, educators are being tasked to do more with less. PerfectForms helps improve the efficiency of schools and universities by cutting down on time-consuming busywork and giving educators more time to devote to students. Freeing up resources so the primary focus is on students, not administrative processes.

PerfectForms is perfect for automating:

  • Admission applications

  • Financial aid requests

  • Faculty on-boarding

  • Attendance tracking

  • Expense reporting

It’s true that education institutions require a number of processes to keep them running smoothly – such is the reality of every organization – but they shouldn’t dominate one’s time or focus. Automating these processes, using a form and workflow automation tool like PerfectForms, virtually eliminates approval delays and paperwork and keeps critical information from getting lost in the daily shuffle. Increased administrative efficiency coupled with less materials waste means that more time and money can be spent on programs and activities with the people who really matter – students.

Administrators and educators choose PerfectForms because it:

  • Reduces or eliminates the cost of paper forms, data entry and report creation

  • Empowers education professionals to quickly automate administrative processes

  • Speeds processing of authorizations and notifications

  • Generates detailed reports to pinpoint operational inefficiencies

  • Provides a library of custom templates designed for the education community


Contact us to learn more about our PerfectForms for Education product, specifically tailored for educators.

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