Feedback Forms

If you want to know the answer to something the best way to find out is to ask. Too many times customers, employees and prospects have valuable information that can help your business perform at a much higher level but unfortunately you don’t have it or it really isn’t in a usable format. Getting valuable feedback from these stakeholders is easy, if you follow industry best practices, use a reliable tool and organize the feedback data.

Since 2001, we have been working with customers to build online forms and automate workflow processes with our online feedback form creator. With our easy to use, visual designer, you simply drag and drop to build your feedback form interface, define behaviors, map workflow and build innovative reports. No coding is required to build your pixel perfect feedback from solutions that meet your exact specifications.

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With PerfectForms feedback form software, you can create professional-looking feedback forms that optimize response rates and meet your exact specifications. With our visual designer, you can introduce advanced logic such as pulling responses from one part of your form to another (piping) or skip questions or pages based on respondents’ responses. Not to mention, you can also build powerful reports for data analysis or the data can easily be exported in CSV format for additional analysis in other statistical packages.

With PerfectForms, you get:

  • A visual, drag and drop, designer
  • Capabilities for advanced logic (piping or branching)
  • Automated notifications and escalations
  • Powerful reporting options
  • Data export capabilities for advanced analysis

Get Started with Feedback Form Examples

You can start designing your online feedback forms from scratch or start with one of our many feedback templates. Any of these feedback form templates can be quickly modified to meet your exact needs. Once you sign up for a free trial, all of these feedback forms will be available to you in our Form Library.

Check out some client feedback form examples or a feedback form template to get ideas for your next project:


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