Capital Expenditure Form

Whenever you spend money to grow your organization, you need to keep accurate records for any capital expenditures (CapEx) that are used to acquire, update or refurbish property or physical assets. It may seem like you have to jump a bunch of hurdles to get capital purchases approved, but you absolutely need to create a paper trail for tax purposes. With PerfectForms form software, you can ensure appropriate tracking and analysis of your capital expenses to find areas where you’ve historically overspent or wasted precious resources.

Every business needs capital expenditure (CapEx) forms, which is why so many organizations invest in form making software from PerfectForms. With PerfectForms, you can build a capital expenditure form that meets your exact specifications easily. No technical resources are required. You simply drag and drop objects on a canvas to build the user interface, add form intelligence, define notifications, map workflow and build informative reports. You can even integrate with third party systems or external databases with no coding required.


Create Thorough Capital Expenditure (CapEx) Forms for Your Tax Records

A typical capital expenditure form should collect and validate the following information:

  • Login information to the requester
  • Requisition data, including price and delivery methods
  • List of approved suppliers
  • Justification for the purchase
  • Approval notifications
  • Order status alerts and confirmation emails
  • Automated invoice receipt and payment status emails

The capital expenditure will likely have several levels of approval, which can be easily defined in the workflow. Each time an approval is made, a confirmation email notification can be sent to all parties involved. With PerfectForms, you can even create capital expenditure (CapEx) request forms that require an electronic signature right on the form. You can sign with a stylus, mouse or your finger for easy approvals and a clear audit trail. Try an expense sheet template today!

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