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What is No-Code?

No-code is a software development approach that does not require coding skills or knowledge of a particular software development language. It is becoming an increasingly popular alternative to traditional software development approaches for less technical users or citizen developers to independently meet their own application development needs or for programmers that are looking to build applications faster and free up capacity.

Per a recent Gartner study, 75% of large enterprises will be using at least four no-code or low code development tools for both IT application development and citizen development initiatives and Gartner also projects citizen developers will outnumber programmers by at least four times by 2023.

The no-code approach to software development enables those with the most knowledge of the requirements and workflow process, but lack programming knowledge, to design the user interface, define the workflow, configure business rules and deploy the no-code application using a visual designer with drag and drop capabilities. The no-code approach makes application development faster, empowers citizen developers to meet their own needs and eases demands on IT resources.

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How Does No-Code Work?

Source code is a set of instructions that define how an application should behave or operate in a language computers can understand. No-code is technically a layer of visual abstraction between the application developer and these instructions so using a no-code development tool, the user can design the look, feel and behavior of the application by dragging and dropping objects on a design canvas rather than writing specific code or instructions.

As the user drags and drops objects on the design canvas, the code or instructions are generated and updated behind the scenes which reduces the complexity. There is still source code required to run the application but it is not accessible or visible. With no-code, users can focus on the user interface design and application logic instead of writing complex lines of code.

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What are the Advantages of No-Code?

To keep up with increasing demand for applications and an increasing shortage of programmers, both technology and business leaders are turning to no-code solutions. By introducing a no-code development platform, organizations can:

  • Reduce development and deployment time
  • Empower citizen developers to meet their own needs
  • Free IT capacity to focus on more technically demanding projects
  • Lower application development and maintenance costs
  • Adapt and scale applications faster as requirements change
  • Automate workflow processes to improve visibility and drive improvements

Introducing a no-code strategy to application development does not mean traditional development is dead. There will be continual demand for IT to focus on more innovative, complex projects and the no-code approach simply frees up IT capacity and helps reduce the ever growing backlog of projects. It is a complementary partnership that enables both citizen developers and programmers to make the most of their unique abilities and skills.

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