Why You Need Workflow Software

Friday, August 14th, 2020 by ehuezo

A business can only succeed when the right decisions are made about costs. With careful consideration about the needs of the organization, it’s possible to improve operations with cost effective solutions that truly enhance productivity. Workflow software is considered one of the most common solutions for operational essentials for businesses of all sizes. Although many businesses will benefit from business process management software, you’ll want to decide if it’s right for you.

Workflow Software: How Does it Work?

Workflow software was created to automate processes based on the needs of each business. From cash flow to human resources and everything in between, you can easily find your way to improved productivity with the right software. BPM software can help to control costs, improve efficiency on day-to-day tasks, and give you insight into your productivity.

PerfectForms workflow software gives you total control over your business processes. You can create workflow applications from scratch, use templates, and access support when you need it most. To find out more about how PerfectForms improves processes for businesses of all kinds, view our Customer Testimonials or contact the PerfectForms team today.

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Essential Financial Institution Workflow Tools

Friday, July 31st, 2020 by ehuezo

All industries face challenges with meeting deadlines and sticking to strict budgets. With economic issues around the world to contend with, businesses today must continuously seek out ways to improve operations and cut costs in order to stay competitive. Workflow tools have become an essential part of streamlining tasks for all industries. For financial institutions, workflow management software can simplify the most complex procedures in order to save time in day-to-day operations.

BPM software

Most Common Workflow Tools for Finance

For financial institutions, there are many essential processes that are performed routinely. With workflow tools, it’s possible to automate these tasks in order to save time and money on operations. Some of the most common uses for workflow management software in financial institutions include:

• Cash Management
• Sales Processes
• Account Setup
• Employee On-Boarding
• And More

PerfectForms allows financial institutions to create custom workflow applications and tools from scratch, all without a single line of code.

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Data Collection Made Simple with Automation

Friday, June 19th, 2020 by ehuezo

Business Process Automation Makes Things Easier

In the business world, we are often too busy to focus on more mundane tasks. From creating, maintaining, and updating spreadsheets to filing electronically and manually, the sentiment that time is money couldn’t be more real today. To stay abreast of the competition, you should simplify these necessary yet tedious tasks so you can continue to focus on growing your business. What’s the best way to simplify data collection? Business process automation.

What Is Business Process Automation?

Business process automation (BPA) is automation that is technology-enabled for complex business processes. It is also known as a digital transformation where you can simplify your business, improve service delivery, increase service quality, and contain costs.

How Does It Work?

Business process automation includes restructuring labor resources, utilizing software applications throughout the company, and integrating various applications. More companies are now using robotic processes automation. This emerging field, alongside BPA, uses artificial intelligence as a data-exchange layer for creating better workflow. This process adds convenience and speed to the workflow process.

Ways You Can Utilize BPA

In addition to using business process automation with artificial intelligence, companies can use this system in the following ways:

    • Contact Sales: The sales department will be prompted easily and quickly as required.
    • Mobile and Offline: You can have an automated process of creating mobile forms and use the offline field data collection as needed. In some cases, you may be able to do other things, such as collecting mobile and web forms by embedding them on your site, using mobile apps, or sending a link.
    • Automation of the Manual: Your team can receive data from you quickly by filtering the review and automating it all in one place.
    • Email Automation: You may automate branded emails by sending your team a customized mail and attached files, such as a PDF.
    • Process-Driven Messaging: You can gain insight from reports that go beyond just a spreadsheet. Advanced filters are also available to assist you in finding data trends. In addition, this service may have the option to optimize your data exchange layer in the following ways: the building of integration between each platform by mapping out your end-to-end process workflow, and giving you the logic to create your process by utilizing triggers, workflows, and jobs.
    • Compliant and Efficient Forms: You can have all your processes and forms available to be searched safely and securely in one place.
    • Security: All your forms can be secure web forms. They can also be encrypted so you can have a broad array of integrations for all accounts.
    • Form Field Logic: You will have the ability to have smarter forms that are tailored to your users.

For more information about business process automation, contact us at PerfectForms today. With help guides, demos, and more, our team can assist you step-by-step with this efficient system.

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Onboard New Recruits with Automated Forms

Friday, May 22nd, 2020 by ehuezo

Whether you run human resources at a large company or own a small business, the process of onboarding a new employee is time-consuming and difficult. As part of an overall business process automation plan, using automated forms can help reduce overhead costs and cut down on time spent collecting relevant onboarding documents.
Engage New Employees From the Beginning

Regardless of the size of the company, every new hire wants to be fully engaged from the moment they sign on. Without business process automation, things like document collection and benefits enrollment start falling through the cracks, and new employees could feel left out and frustrated.

With automated forms, you leave nothing to chance. A human resources system takes care of everything when the process is automated, allowing the company to focus on more important tasks and increasing employee happiness from the very beginning.
A Streamlined Intake Process for HR Employees

Collecting, collating and record-keeping are all essential when onboarding a new employee. With business process automation and the right automated forms, everything can be done seamlessly without direct interaction from the HR department.

One of the most time-heavy tasks performed by human resources is preparing and printing new hire paperwork. Even after the onboarding documents are signed by the employee, the HR department must triple check everything for accuracy. Automated employee onboarding forms can help HR keep track of a new hire’s progress without physically sitting next to them to make sure everything is done right. Automated forms also ensure all documents and entries are stored and recorded accurately.
Increased Profitability

Companies are always looking to increase profitability and reduce overhead costs. Automated forms help achieve this by reducing printed paperwork and time spent completing the onboarding process.

In many cases, a normal onboarding process can take more than three days to complete. From filling out federal and state tax forms and signing company-related agreements to reviewing and signing up for benefits, the amount of paperwork involved is astronomical.

Using automated forms as part of a business process automation system removes the need for printed paperwork and significantly reduces the time needed for employees to print, record and properly store everything. Increased profitability is realized when anything like employee onboarding is automated.
A Culture of Technology

Technology is being integrated with nearly every section of running a business. Whether it be marketing automation, logistics, or project collaboration, harvesting a culture of technology is now essential to attracting top-tier talent and retaining the best employees.

This can all begin with implementing the right business process automation system using automated forms for onboarding. From the very beginning, give new hires the right experience by utilizing the best technology to help with intake.

Learn how automated forms can help improve your new recruit onboarding process by signing up for a free trial at PerfectForms today.

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What is form creation?

Monday, May 18th, 2020 by ehuezo

Increase Workflow by Using the Best Software

The notion that workflow automation is replacing human resources is not true. Automation promotes efficiency by enhancing employee productivity and therefore allowing them to get more done in a shorter amount of time. This concept not only helps companies become more successful, it also helps alleviate much of the stress on human resources.

You Are What You Input

The common mantra, “You Are What You Eat” is also true of companies. In other words, the success of any endeavor is a product of the effort and persistence put into it.

While effort and persistence are admirable, you don’t have to make your employees complete tasks that can easily be automated. You can make their jobs easier with form creation software. This type of software lets employees engage in other tasks, and it gives them time to come up with new ideas.
Steps for Form Creation

Form creation is much like creating any other product. You must first know what your objective is for the form and then create a foundation to support it. Make a list of tenets that the particular form must accomplish, track or record to “pass” the performance. Much like any other “test,” there is a pass/no pass outcome. Sometimes this is also referred to as a “if…then” outcome.

Workflow software

Digital process automation builds upon the principles of business process management.

Here are some concepts to help get you started on how to create the best form for your needs:

1. What is the main objective of the form needed?
2. Once you have established an objective, set the “if….then” workflow/chart.
3. It may be helpful to first manually draw a workflow chart as a visual graphic before attempting to create a form.
4. Know that almost any and all tasks within an organization can be tracked or recorded with the correct tools.

Form Creation at Its Personalized Best

The most common resources that almost every company must manage are time, money, inventory and human capital. Once you have determined the objective of your form(s), the next step is to determine what information must be gathered, measured and ascertained and in which direction the confirmation will travel once it has been satisfied.

The beauty in creating your own business automation forms is tracking just exactly what your company needs without all the superfluous fluff. Better yet, your workflow forms can be modified, updated and/or deleted as required.

Smooth Workflow, Happy Employees

Form creation software can help your employees do their jobs easier, which will make them happier. They won’t have to focus on menial or repetitive tasks and can instead put their energy towards new ideas. Plus, a smoother workflow is better for your business’ bottom line.

Visit PerfectForms today to see how our software works.

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Use Electronic Forms to Build an Effective Business Automation Process

Wednesday, April 29th, 2020 by ehuezo

Ways to Build Business Process Automation

The first step towards automating a process is setting precise objectives. With those in place, it becomes easier to set up stages in the automation process. Electronic business forms come in handy whenever you need information from visitors.

Once they fill out the form, you can add the information to your database. From there, it’s a straightforward matter of putting in the proper workflow.
Streamline Business Process Automation

Automating business processes is a winning proposition for all companies. Automation reduces human error and increases speed. For routine operations, there’s no logical reason not to use this powerful technique.

Forms are useful because it’s easy to interface their input with your current data. Once you do, you have even more inputs to consider. For companies that are manually collecting user information, using forms alleviates a single point of failure. Not only that, forms help companies personalize more.
Monitor, Measure, and Adjust as Needed

Implementing forms and automation is a process that needs monitoring. You need to ensure that the workflow is proper and that the automation is meeting objectives. Constant measurement of results will keep things moving nicely and will give you enough information to adjust any details if needed.

In addition, forms are flexible and allow you to change them as needed. If you decide to alter your data and want more from customers, it’s simple enough to improve the automation flow.
Automate Processes to Increase Scalability

Automating a process reduces the most common errors. That’s the first step towards scaling up because scaling with mistakes is a quick way to lose business. The critical workflow in a modern business process needs the following characteristics.

• Scalable
• Automated
• Fast Implementation
• Flexible

In the past, implementations took a long time and relied heavily on technical support for coding. Now, using electronic forms, the ability to automate a process is in the hands of non-technical users. That’s powerful because companies have many more such users than they have trained IT staff. Empowering people to create automation speeds up the time to market for improvements.
Process Transformation Is Gaining Traction

Businesses are embracing process transformation because of the benefits. Most companies are moving (or have moved on) from paper-based workflow to data-driven solutions. As they do, they realize additional savings and watch the speed of their processes surge.

Even the smallest initiative will reap the rewards. Business process automation is a chance to transform companies to become more competitive.

It’s okay to start slowly and then build on the momentum. If management isn’t yet seeing the value of BPA, a demonstration of savings and additional gains will convince them. At PerfectForms, we have workflow software that can help improve your processes. Check out how simple it is to create your first form and workflow.

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Build applications to support new COVID-19 related workflow processes

Friday, April 10th, 2020 by ehuezo

The Coronavirus (COVID-19) has presented unprecedented challenges around the world.

It is inspiring to see people, as a community, come together virtually and on the front lines to help others as we do our best to minimize the devastating impacts. At a time like this, technology can help us overcome challenges associated with new protocols and facilitate remote work to keep employees safe and productive. At PerfectForms, we are seeing customers in healthcare, government, school districts, colleges and many other industries implement new workflow processes, online forms and reports to manage and monitor their response to COVID-19. Examples of some COVID-19 related workflow processes, online forms and reports include:

· Employee leave tracking/reporting
· Mandatory compliance reporting and audit tracking
· Asset management tracking
· Health related assessments
· Inventory tracking
· Time tracking/reporting

With PerfectForms, you can build online forms and workflow applications that meet your new requirements and launch the applications faster than traditional development methods. We also offer professional services if you need help implementing new processes quickly, in case you may be experiencing resource constraints. Please reach out if we can help you. We hope you, your family and coworkers remain safe and healthy during this challenging time.

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How Business Process Automation Makes It Easier to Track Sales Inquiries

Friday, April 3rd, 2020 by ehuezo

How Business Process Automation Makes It Easier to Track Sales

Business process automation can replace manual labor for recurring business procedures. It minimizes cost, streamlines operations and improves efficiency. It helps reduce the amount of tiring paperwork that consumes time and results in worker dissatisfaction.

Here’s how business process automation will help you solve problems in your business and increase sales.

Streamlines Business Communication

Holding meetings every time you need to pass any message across takes away valuable time. Information sent among employees through emails, phone calls and talks can pass through quickly and effectively. Using the right automated system will help send messages to all in a uniform way that is understandable.

It also improves customer relations as communication lines are always open. Misinterpretation of emotions is limited as the voice is still professional. Automated messages also come in handy when there are no employees available to handle customers. The automated messages can still engage customers.

Reduces Production Time and Cost

Using business process automation dramatically reduces the time that goes into manual processes. The extra time the automation saves can be put into use for coming up with innovative ideas and adding value to the business.

Manual processes are more prone to inefficiencies and mistakes. The right workflow software, however, helps reduce the cost that arises from such errors. It also saves on labor costs that the business would incur if its employees were doing the work.

Enhances Customer Service


Excellent customer service is vital for any business growth, and business process automation provides it effectively. When issues arise and a customer care agent is not available to solve them, clients will not be happy. Automation helps address the problems as soon as they appear, helping retain old customers and gaining new ones.

Storing customer details such as their purchases, queries or complaints through sales process automation saves time. In case a customer calls, they don’t have to start giving the same information over and over again. It also makes customers know they are valuable to your business, making them come back again.

Improves the Quality of Goods and Services

Automation performs all processes with accuracy with little or no errors. It ensures there is efficient usage of materials, which reduces waste. As it requires less human labor, there’s a reduction in workweeks, allowing workers to rest and saving on labor costs.

It also assures the safety of workers, especially where heavy machinery is in use, thus saving lives and insurance costs. Automated systems, compared to humans, produce goods with fewer discrepancies, which improves product quality. It also allows for increased production with little or no extra cost.

Business process automation helps take care of repeated tasks and allows workers to focus on more critical duties that increase sales, innovation and growth. Contact us to get the right workflow software for your business and to automate your business processes.

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Track Your Team and Productivity With Workflow Automation

Friday, March 27th, 2020 by ehuezo

Workflow software

Digital process automation builds upon the principles of business process management.

Track Your Team and Productivity with Workflow Automation

No experienced manager will argue with the wise old adage, “Data doesn’t lie.”

You need to keep tabs on your team and your processes. Lost productivity equates to lost profits and possibly lost trust in you as a manager.

Traditionally, deadlines were the only way to track team members’ progress on projects. However, business process automation software gives you the chance to gather customizable, accurate data throughout a project’s lifecycle.
Fix Productivity Issues

Team members Bob and Charlie both work steadily for two hours on documentation. Charlie finished 10 more pages than Bob, but Bob included more detail.

Who was more productive?

With workflow automation software, entire processes are broken down into steps, and repetitive tasks are automated.

Bob and Charlie had different outputs because the initial instruction may not have been clear about how much detail to include. Instead, Bob and Charlie could have filled out their respective sections of a templated documentation form, hit submit and sent it to the next person to either add more information or QA.

This automated consistency prevents unnecessary reviews and redo’s. It also allows you to see instantly how much of the documentation is complete at any given time.
Business Process Automation Helps You Know Everything Going on with a Project


Even the smallest businesses depend on lots of intricate, “under the hood” processes to get things done.

Workflow automation software allows you a bird’s eye view of all your projects. You will immediately know if the process is snagged and who is in charge of that step. You won’t be blindsided by a missed deadline, and you won’t need to waste time tracing the steps from the beginning to see where the issue is.

You see it, you work with the team for a solution and you see the flow continue smoothly.

Over time, you may spot trends. Perhaps a process always gets bogged in one spot. How often? Why? Who is involved? Is there a better way to do things?

Workflow automation software will give you actionable data to support improvements for change when it’s needed.
Evaluate Employees’ Skills

Besides data about the process itself, a quality software will also provide customizable reporting about employees’ productivity. You can track tasks they completed, time and steps taken and other information based on your company’s needs.

It’s a great tool to help you evaluate someone’s skill set and match assignments to it. Employees are happiest when they are succeeding at work they feel confident completing.
Workflow Software Is Easy to Use

We understand that you don’t have time to learn a new software. A software that takes hours of frustrating trial-and-error to learn defeats its own purpose.

You need workflow software that makes creating forms easy and has user-friendly icons, drag and drop functionality and absolutely no coding.

PerfectForms software does all that and more. You check out how it works, sign up for free trial, or contact us to learn more.

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How Workflows Contribute to the Growth of Your Business

Friday, March 27th, 2020 by ehuezo

Workflow and How It Contributes to a Growing Business

Keeping your business growing and thriving isn’t always an easy task. One of the best ways to stay on track and set yourself up for future success is to use workflow software to keep business operations running smoothly. Here are some workflow automation benefits and what it can do for your business.

Provides Insight

A workflow makes it significantly easier to gain insight into your business. When you can see measured results being delivered, you know you are on the right track. If you aren’t seeing the results you want, it becomes necessary to change the way your business operates.
Improving Accountability

Workflows also make employees more accountable. They give your employees a clear idea of what is expected from them. It provides them with an outline of what needs to be done and when it needs to be completed. A clear workflow process allows your business to run more efficiently because it cuts down on or eliminates the need to micromanage employees.

With little to no micromanaging, your employees will be happier and more productive. It can even boost office morale and encourage employees to work together towards a common goal. A lack of micromanaging also generally means employees and managers get along better. This is the first step to growing a successful business.
Improving the Level of Customer Service

Online forms
No business can grow or thrive without providing excellent customer service. The best workflow software will elevate your customer service to higher levels than ever before. If you do not have an efficient way of getting feedback from customers, you will never know if they are happy with your service or not.

By the time you realize your business’s customer service is not up to par, you will have lost loyal customers to your competitors. A modern customer service workflow system prevents this from happening because the line of communication between your business and customers will open up, giving you clear insight into what the business is doing right and what it is doing wrong. Once customers let you know how your business can be improved, changing for the better will be just a matter of time.
Eliminates Redundancies

On a daily basis, your business may be performing redundant tasks, and you may not even realize it. By eliminating these tasks, your employees will feel less pressured and your business will ultimately accomplish much more.

Redundancies aren’t good for the business, your employees or your customers. Using workflow software to eliminate redundancies benefits everyone. It will give you insight into which tasks can be eliminated and which can’t. When you eliminate these unnecessary tasks, the workflow automatically improves.

Learn exactly what workflow software can do for your business by visiting us at PerfectForms for more info.

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