10 Tips to Make You More Organized Today!

Staying organized can sometimes be a challenge, and if you aren’t on top of your to-do list, this can often leave you feeling like you’ve accomplished little at the end of the day. Here are ten tips to make you more organized:

  1. While some people can function at a highly efficient level with a desk space that looks like a paper truck exploded on it, you may need a more tidy area in which to work. Keep your desk surface clean and organized, with a place for everything (and everything in its place!). This will give you a feeling of organization throughout the day, and it will also make finding things much easier when you need something quickly.
  2. Your workspace needs a thorough “spring cleaning” on a periodic basis, so you can get rid of paperwork, files, and office supplies that have been gathering dust. Anything that is outdated, no longer needed, or has been unused for a period of time should be stored elsewhere or discarded.
  3. Keep a calendar handy that has all your important dates noted. Whether you have a big meeting later in the week or the end of the month marks the deadline for a critical project, knowing (and seeing) what’s on your plate will allow you to complete related tasks in a timely manner and keep you on the ball when it comes to being prepared and punctual.
  4. Instead of trying to multitask and get a dozen things done at once, become better at managing your time effectively. When you dedicate small blocks of time to completing different tasks throughout the day, you’ll have more finished at quitting time and less to worry about completing later.
  5. Update your contacts at least once every six months, whether you store them in a Rolodex or you’ve got piles of business cards stashed away in a desk drawer.
  6. As you get things completed at work, or on a periodic basis throughout the week, review what you have accomplished so you can decide if you’re on track and whether you need to juggle some tasks around.  If necessary, delegate items to others who can get them done for you.
  7. Use workflow software to help you automate tasks, projects, and other duties. PerfectForms offers a great workflow system that can help you stay organized.
  8. Don’t let yourself get bogged down by the mundane surroundings in which you find yourself.  Whether you’re in a cubicle farm or you have a corner office with a fabulous view, you’ll want to add some personal touches to make your environment more comfortable. Add family photos, scenic vacation shots, or appealing abstract art to the walls. Just make your space your own!
  9. Keep a list on hand that has your daily and weekly “to-do” items on it. We often get tied up with handling little details and sometimes let bigger things slip our minds until the last minute, so keeping lists of what you need to get done is a great way to stay organized.
  10. When you write down your daily and weekly goals, you also need to prioritize those items. Figure out what’s most important or what needs to be done first so you can complete your required tasks on time and in a way that doesn’t leave you feeling like you didn’t contribute your best effort.

If you put these organizational tips to use, you’ll soon be sailing along with few pending worries on your plate as you tackle each challenge as it arises and keep your work life neat and orderly.



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