3 Myths About Workflow Applications… Debunked

Workflow applications are a point of interest for many businesses, but most companies neither diligently research nor fully understand them. With such an impressive number of benefits to be gained from these tools, organizations can obtain a significant competitive edge by simply learning more about how they work. Here are three common myths about workflow applications debunked:

1.  “Workflow applications lead to automation, which in turn leaves workers out of a job.”

Many workflow products are designed to automate certain aspects of a company’s operations. While the deployment of these solutions might reduce the demands on the workforce, this will not lead to employees being laid off – rather, it will promote increased efficiency. For instance, by automating certain aspects of the sales process, companies give skilled sales professionals more time to draft proposals and perform other tasks that will have an immediate positive impact. The overall goal of the tools is to streamline and improve – not simply automate – operations. Workflow applications from PerfectForms are designed to minimize dependence on technical resources where necessary, while still allowing the solutions to make corporate processes more efficient.

2.  “Workflow applications are only good for large companies.”

All companies can benefit from the streamlined flow of information, the ability to make timely and well-informed decisions, improved document flow and significant increases in overall efficiency. Whether they are looking to establish leaner operations to generate increased profits or improve customer service and satisfaction, businesses of all sizes can improve results and eliminate a range of problems by using workflow applications.

3.  “Workflow applications are not suitable for some businesses.”

One primary aim of workflow applications is to improve the processes that lead to the accomplishment of an established objective. Ultimately, this means that any organization or individual with pre-existing goals and a series of measurable benchmarks can benefit from these tools. In theory, it is possible to optimize or automate any process in order to simplify each step, eliminate mistakes, facilitate the rapid transfer of knowledge and reduce inherent challenges.

Newly established businesses may still be figuring out their operations, so the solutions that PerfectForms provides can be especially beneficial for companies that have only a modest level of process maturity. The most essential component of the improvement process is awareness. Any company that is aware of the structure of its operations and acknowledges the need for improvement and the potential advantages of adopting workflow solutions can certainly gain from investing in these tools.

Ultimately, workflow applications can be invaluable resources for companies of all sizes that are eager to realize increased efficiency and enhance their operations. These tools do not take the human element out of business, but are instead used to streamline only those portions of corporate operations that will be most effective when automated. Whether they are large or small, brand new or well-established, companies can improve their bottom lines, enhance their offerings and deliver better customer care by utilizing workflow applications.


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