3 Space-Saving Tips for the Office

These days, office space is treated like valuable territory in some kind of new real estate crisis. With space at a premium, you could find your office transformed into a modern-day western with showdowns between stapler-bearing gunslingers. But not all is lost in trying to keep your employees focused on the job at hand despite their cramped quarters.

Simple office solutions do exist to help you find ways to save space. Many times, this could be as simple as rearranging the furniture. However, in some cases, moving things around won’t be enough to solve the problem, and you’ll have to find other alternatives.

Maximizing your office space does not take a rocket scientist; it just requires ideas that come together. One way to get this ball rolling is to utilize workflow software, which can allow for a collaborative meeting of the minds among the office staff.

The No. 1 issue at hand should be to determine what works for your employees and staff. Ask yourself what kind of office culture you want to develop. Once you get these issues aligned, there should not be a problem moving forward.


Utilizing freestanding cubicles opens up much-needed office space. If you choose this route, the question then becomes what kind of cubicle would be best for your company?

Many cubicle designs come with wall height options. If you are looking for an open and collaborative atmosphere, you should consider structures with lower walls. However, if you have operations that require employees to be completely uninterrupted and engaged in the tasks at hand, then the solution may be a cubicle structure that is almost entirely enclosed, with the walls extending above seven feet in height.

Cubicle designs are compact, space-saving and are designed to maximize workspace efficiency, ensuring there is no wasted worker movement when it comes to accessing office equipment and supplies.


This option has been gaining popularity not only among management, but workers as well. It is an indirect way of maximizing office space by simply not occupying it. The approach has the advantage of allowing you to develop your operations without necessarily having to expand the workspace available to you.

Telecommuting is cheap and gives employees the freedom to develop personal solutions that work for them, including working from home. Another popular option of which telecommuters are taking advantage is finding a good coffee joint with Wi-Fi access. Rent can be paid for the price of a cup of coffee.

Workflow Software 

There is another space-saving solution to add to the equation – the integration of workflow software into the workplace. The primary benefit of using this kind of software lies in reducing the amount of paperwork stashed in bank boxes and filing cabinets.

PerfectForms workflow software can be integrated with your other software systems, so there’s no need to deal with an expensive overhaul of the existing system via coding.

Of course, you can never eliminate the valuable nature of a filing cabinet, but let’s get real about this: Do you really need all that paperwork stuffed inside a space-robbing box? By integrating workflow software solutions for your office, you can certainly open up some space.


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