3 warning signs that your company needs BPM software

Has your company recently experienced rapid growth and is now struggling to scale to meet the new demand? Are you used to a workflow management process that’s stayed the same for years and aren’t convinced it needs to change? While companies can greatly benefit from business process management software to help manage their workflow, many have yet to embrace any sort of workflow software. Three warning signs that your company may be in need of a new workflow solution include your legacy software no longer meeting your requirements, an old server wasting your resources, and little transparency into who is working on what project. If you find yourself relating to any of these indicators, it may be time for your company to invest in a reliable workflow management system.


Relegating Legacy Software to the Past


Nobody likes change, right? Older software typically does not provide the level of automation and simplicity that comes with newer BPM software. Instead of getting rid of your legacy software consider choosing a platform that works well with what you already have. PerfectForms offers both on-demand and on-premise deployment options for easier and faster integration.


Avoiding Local Server Maintenance


Does your company have to keep a local server lying around to maintain its current workflow software, while burying your IT department in support tickets? For many firms, IT resources are a precious commodity. Local servers can go down, copies of BPM software need to be installed and maintained on several different devices, and expenses can grow out of control if you need to update your server to accommodate additional users. Tying up your staff’s time and resources maintaining a local server when it’s not necessary can be costly and inefficient. All the heavy lifting can be done on our servers, reducing both your costs and the burden on your IT staff.


Addressing Poor Employee Transparency


As a manager, you know that two of the keys to any successful process are efficiency and accountability. Both you and your employees need to know who is assigned to which tasks and when these tasks are expected to be completed. Once you start to lose track of this, projects become delayed, inefficient, or even grind to a halt. Imagine a project that requires multiple teams of employees to coordinate several interconnected assignments. If one team makes a change to an assignment that impacts the work of another team, it is vital the second group be informed of the changes. If they aren’t, the work they are doing could be negatively affected.

Situations like this obviously present major visibility and efficiency issues if not handled correctly. Using BPM software, managers can oversee the progress of individual processes and update the workflow accordingly to prevent problems that arise from lack of visibility. BPM software can pay for itself by eliminating potential costly inefficiencies.


BPM Software Could Solve Your Problems


If your legacy software’s capabilities leave much to be desired, your local server is more trouble than it’s worth and your projects are suffering from a lack of transparency, consider upgrading to BPM software and save time, money and manpower.


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