4 Off-Beat and Novel Ways to Use Workflow Software

Workflow software

Engaged employees are employees who tend to stay with you.

You have probably heard the term “employee engagement,” and though you have a general idea what it means, maybe you don’t realize how important it is.

Currently, we’re in a market that favors job seekers – particularly those with advanced or unusual skills mixes. Employees who are “engaged” are those who work with passion, who feel connected to their work and also to their employer. These are the employees who move the business forward in a positive manner.

Seventy percent of employees in the US don’t feel engaged at work, and that can cause problems with employee retention. It only stands to reason that employees who are engaged in what they’re doing are likelier to stick around than employees who are not.

Did you know there are ways to use workflow software to improve employee engagement? By streamlining processes and taking as much drudgery out of them as possible, you free your employees to do more of what they do best, whether that’s caring for patients, decorating cakes, or developing mobile apps.

Automated workflows may be more closely associated with processes like new employee onboarding or shepherding a report from concept through publication, but they can actually be put to an almost unlimited variety of applications. Here are 4 unorthodox uses for your workflow software, ones that can help you keep employees passionately engaged in their work.

1. Acknowledging Employee Milestones

Workflow management software that easily interfaces with databases and spreadsheets makes it easy to acknowledge employee milestones, like birthdays, or work anniversaries. Imagine stepping in from a rainy commute to see a bright birthday card on your desk. Or think how good it feels to be headed to the copier and receive high-fives and congratulations on being with the company for five years. Employees are people, and they want to be treated as such. When you can use your workflow software to remind them that they are valued individuals and not just employee ID numbers, you benefit from their increased sense of value to the organization.

2. Facilitating Peer Recognition

Peer recognition can mean even more than recognition from the top echelons of management, or an award from an industry association. What if you were to create a series of online forms allowing your employees to nominate a peer or colleague for recognition for their outstanding work?

Workflow software

Peer recognition is especially meaningful to employees.

While there is certainly a sense of pride and self-satisfaction in a job well done, having those sentiments echoed by those you work with day in and day out takes that sense of accomplishment to a higher level. Knowing that a colleague nominated you for “saving my bacon when we were overloaded with Christmas orders” strengthens bonds among employees.

3. Establishing Creative Workflows

Not all projects are standard-issue work projects, and automated workflows can help even with the off-beat and unusual tasks that sometimes crop up. Maybe an exciting new, year-long project is coming up, and the team leader wants someone to design a project logo. Or, suppose a new social media video needs a theme and background music before it goes live. Creative workflows are still workflows, though they may not be as straightforward as others. Setting up a workflow for “Do One-Off Creative Work” before outsourcing not only ensures higher quality of projects, it allows your employees to demonstrate talents you may not have known about.

4. Distributing Fun Perks

It’s OK to make elements of the work experience fun, and your workflow form software can make it easy and consistent to do so. Perhaps on the last day of the month you could run a simple workflow that assigns a prime parking spot to one lucky car commuter for the next month. Or maybe you could hold a drawing among this month’s birthdays for people who take the bus or train and arrange for car service to pick them up and take them home on their birthday. There are an unlimited number of fun perks you can provide for workers, and workflows allow you to do so fairly and consistently.

PerfectForms is a workflow application that gives your business power and the flexibility to create online forms and workflows for standard processes like employee onboarding or submission of expense reports, as well as more creative workflows. With its intuitive, drag-and-drop interface, and its ability to interface with web pages, spreadsheets, databases, and other electronic resources, PerfectForms ensures accuracy, completeness, and professionalism. Try PerfectForms for free by signing up for a trial. Experience for yourself the power of workflows to engage your employees more effectively.


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