4 Ways Mobility Takes Online Forms to the Next Level

Employee mobility facilitated by laptops, tablets, and smartphones, leads to higher productivity, better work processes, and happier, more engaged employees. But are companies making the most of this opportunity to revamp processes that have needed overhaul for a long time? Not always. This is despite the fact that being untethered to the desktop environment allows employees to take even more advantage of new technologies.

Online forms

Being able to complete forms “in the moment” can boost productivity significantly.

A recent study found that employees who have mobile tools and who have more control where and how they work are more engaged than other employees. An overwhelming 88% of “highly engaged” employees say they have some autonomy to choose where they want to work, depending on the task. If you use an online form builder to create forms and workflows, but aren’t taking advantage of mobility features, you could be limiting how productive and engaged your employees are. Here are four ways mobility takes online forms to the next level.

1. By Facilitating Form Completion When it Matters

If you have field workers who jot down notes or fill out paper forms in the field, or who bring their notes back to the office and complete online forms several hours after job completion, you could be missing out on impressive productivity improvements. When your field service technician, for example, can log a repair using an online form on his tablet or phone as soon as the repair is completed, accuracy increases. This reduces the chances of errors being propagated throughout a workflow, which can upset customers and cause extra time to be spent tracking down and correcting mistakes.

2. By Reducing Dependence on Third-Party Mobile Form Apps

Apps like Google Sheets have their uses in mobile work environments, but generally you’re better off using workflow software that lets you create online forms and make them mobile-friendly. This creates consistency among online forms that your team uses, and eliminates one more app “layer” between your workers and their forms and workflows. It also eliminates worries about third party app upgrades that can wreak havoc, or worries that third party apps will eventually stop being supported altogether.

3. By Integrating with Mobile Security Tools

Online forms

You don’t have to give up security when you incorporate mobility into workflows.

Companies that must adhere to strict security protocols can, nonetheless, make their mobile online forms and workflows integrate with necessary security tools such as digital signature tools. Many people are still skeptical about the authenticity of signatures on online forms. Providing such security tools helps improve uptake of the technology and reassure workers and clients that forms and signatures are secure and binding. Signing for a delivery electronically takes advantage of what’s best about both online and paper forms.

4. By Keeping Workflows on Track

There are times when the smallest of added conveniences can make a measurable difference in keeping workflows on track. Suppose an employee on her way back from an industry conference realizes she won’t make it back to the office that day due to a delayed flight. With online forms that are mobile friendly, she can go ahead and enter her expense data while waiting on layover: one less task to have to complete once she’s back at her desk. The mobility option alone significantly increases employee flexibility for completing workflows.

Workflow software that isn’t mobile-ready is really only offering your team half a solution. Even if the bulk of your work takes place in a desktop environment, that may not always be the case, and mobile-friendly forms can make things easier on employees who travel on business frequently (and personnel who process their completed forms).

PerfectForms is workflow software that empowers the non-technical employee to create pixel-perfect online forms and workflows that are secure, mobile-ready, and compatible with services like secure signature programs. Field technicians can complete forms the minute a job is complete, and traveling employees can input expenses as soon as they occur. The results are happier, more engaged employees, faster workflows, and fewer errors. Interested in the kinds of results online forms and workflows can produce? Check out some of our case studies and see for yourself the efficiency gains that are possible with PerfectForms.


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