4 Ways to Make a Human Resources Specialist’s Job Easier

Human Resources is a department that deals with an astounding range of tasks that requires knowledge of subjects from employment law to psychology to budgeting. HR tasks are absolutely essential to successfully running a business, and those tasks are becoming more complex all the time, especially in regulation-heavy industries like healthcare.


Human resources

HR specialists must master a large range of skills.


Your HR professionals need exceptional tools to allow them to complete their diverse tasks in an efficient and effective manner. Otherwise, recruiting, on-boarding, administering benefits, and retaining top employees can suffer. Fortunately, you have great options for providing HR with customized tools that streamline processes and make things run more efficiently. Here are 4 ways to help make your HR specialists’ jobs easer.


1. Switch from Paper Forms to Electronic Forms

Don’t stick with paper forms just because that’s how you’ve always done it. With the right software, you can make electronic forms that look just like your paper forms, but function significantly better. When you create electronic forms that look like the paper forms people are used to using, there’s very little learning curve for end-users. You can expect fewer errors, because you can specify what types of information are allowed in each field, and you won’t have to worry about forms being lost or misplaced, because they can be automatically routed electronically to the proper recipient(s). You’ll save time and money, and improve your environmental footprint.


2. Make Use of Cloud Technology

Don’t think that adopting electronic HR processes has to involve the installation of servers and the skills of a dedicated programming team. When you use cloud providers, such as a cloud provider of electronic forms, the provider takes care of all the hardware as well as upgrades, patches, and improvements so that all users are always using the latest version of the software. With a cloud solution for electronic forms, you have all the power of big, impressive infrastructure, but you don’t have to cope with server maintenance, increased electricity demands, or manual software patching and upgrades.


3. Make Things Easier on the Employee Side

Think of employee processes that are form-intensive, such as new employee on-boarding or enrolling in fringe benefit programs. A brand new employee is probably already overwhelmed by being in a new work environment, and a big stack of paper forms waiting on his desk the first day can be quite intimidating.


Human resources

Help employees help HR by creating user-friendly electronic forms.


Electronic forms can simplify this in many ways. Not only will your new employee not worry about losing a form, you can set up electronic forms so that data entered once can populate appropriate fields on numerous forms. Moreover, you can connect those forms into workflows that automatically submit completed forms to their proper recipients, giving your new hire one less thing to worry about.


4. Create Processes That Incorporate Built-In Automated Alerts

One of the best things about using electronic forms and workflows in an HR setting is that you can designate trigger events that automatically notify appropriate personnel. For example, the completion of a health insurance enrollment form can be made to automatically notify your insurance liaison so the employee can be enrolled as quickly as possible. Once a new hire completes his or her intake forms, building maintenance can be automatically notified to issue a key card or access code. And all this takes place without phone tag, messages, or frustration, because alerts are delivered to the right person immediately, every time.



HR specialists have to have competence in a remarkable range of subjects. Among other things, they’re tasked with ensuring the company complies with employment law, that benefits are administered correctly, and that employee leave is accounted for with perfect accuracy. It only makes sense to rid HR of clunky paper-based forms whenever possible.

PerfectForms makes that easy. With your choice of cloud or on-site deployment, you can create beautiful electronic forms that look just like your paper forms if you want. Then you can collect them into workflows that ensure all steps are completed, all proper personnel are notified, and no forms are lost or misplaced. Why not try out PerfectForms for yourself for free? You’ll be amazed at how easy it is to streamline HR and other business tasks with our intuitive, drag-and-drop interface.



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