5 Benefits of a Great Workflow App

Great workflow ap


A great workflow app is one that is created after you’ve identified how processes are done and where the pain points in the process are located. When you break workflows down into discrete steps, it’s easier to see where inefficiencies lie and where the app can help minimize those inefficiencies. The right workflow app isn’t always the most obvious workflow app, and the right app for your company may not be the one your competitor uses.

Breaking down a workflow, and then considering where and how each step is completed is the starting point for creating a great workflow app. The person using the app in the field probably needs to do things differently than the person sitting at a desk so develop the process from the end-user’s point of view. Once you learn to develop workflow apps with the help of outstanding workflow software, you’ll notice several benefits. Here are 5 of them.


1. You’ll Annoy the IT People Less

Need an app for an approval cycle? You no longer have to go to IT and ask that they develop one for you. Workflow software standouts like PerfectForms let you define workflows and put them together into an app without writing a single line of code. Let the IT people worry about network speed and printer problems. You can write the apps that HR, sales, or marketing need to get their work done more efficiently.


2. Workflow Compliance Becomes Easier to Enforce

When you break a workflow down into steps and assemble those steps into an app, everyone knows what to do next, because the app walks them through it. If a form has to be submitted before they can go to the next step, the app makes it easy to submit the form before taking them to the next app screen. An app lays out the workflow and makes sure that nobody can cut corners, or wants to for that matter, because apps make things faster and are great for trimming the fat off workflows.


3. You Can Cut Operational Costs

Say you don’t have a workflow app for requisitioning equipment. Someone starts a project and neglects to go through the inventory management system before ordering new equipment. They could be unaware of the fact that equipment they need is already available on-site and expend resources acquiring redundant equipment. An app would step the person through each phase, including a query to inventory management, which would notify the project manager that equipment is already available and ready to go. Significant time and money can be saved this way.


4. Processes Become More Efficient

Paper-based processes can be horribly inefficient. Some people are just bad at paperwork, and anyone who has had to decipher a messy, handwritten form knows how hard it can be to extract information. An app can take clunky manual processes and make them electronic. No longer does someone have to hand a piece of paper to someone else, but submits a form electronically. The risk of forms getting lost, coffee-splattered, or being misinterpreted essentially goes away when forms can be completed and submitted electronically.


5. Processes Become More Visible

Creating an online form application forces you to define the steps of a process, which makes it easier to see if there are any unnecessary steps. This alone makes it easier to identify inefficiencies and eliminate them. Everyone using the app follows the same steps and knows what his or her job is and what is supposed to happen next. Workflow apps are great for helping employees “get” what a process is all about and understand why a workflow is the way it is.



When you have Workflow Processes and application development software like PerfectForms, you can use a visual, drag-and-drop interface to create custom workflow apps that suit your processes perfectly. You don’t have to shoehorn your processes into someone else’s app, but can create one that does exactly what you want without knowing how to program. You can get the user interface exactly how you like it, define the workflow, and even integrate your app with other systems, like your CRM system. Add notifications and escalation procedures and keep everyone informed at every step of the process.

You’ll be amazed how easy it is to create custom workflow applications with PerfectForms. Have a look at our demo and see for yourself how you can reduce inefficiencies and accelerate any number of work processes with a custom app created by you.



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