5 Easy Tasks that are Harder Than Creating Online Forms with PerfectForms

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It used to be that to get great looking electronic forms required custom programming. For people running small businesses that could present quite a problem, because how many small business owners can afford to hire a programmer to create online forms?

All that has changed now, because today anyone can create online forms without programming. All it takes is the ability to drag and drop, and the result is pixel-perfect forms that can even be customized with logos, graphics, and color schemes. In fact, with PerfectForms, you can probably create online forms easier than you can do other supposedly simple tasks, like these five.


1. Leaving an Eloquent Voicemail Message

What is it about that beep that turns so many people into a tongue-tied, inarticulate mess? Even if you prepare yourself for the possibility of having to leave a voicemail message, or go so far as to write down what you want to say, it can be unnaturally difficult. You forget something important you should have said, so you have to call back, or you mispronounce a word, or perhaps nervousness manifests by making you blather on and on, straying progressively further off-topic. It’s almost a shame that corporate training doesn’t offer classes on leaving a good voicemail message along with safety training.


2. Setting Up a Wireless Printer

Once your wireless printer is all set up, it’s the greatest thing ever, but getting to that point can be fraught. Generally you have to go to the manufacturer’s website and download the most current drivers. Then you have to ensure your printer knows the name of your wireless network, something the printer manufacturer may or may not have made simple and straightforward. And you have to press various buttons on the printer in specific combinations for specific lengths of time, but not too long, because that will reset everything. At some point you begin to wonder if you would be better off using a typewriter.


3. Putting Paper in the Copier

We’ve all been there: you just need to make a few copies of a pre-electronic document, or something that for whatever reason can’t be printed. But before you even open the platen cover you notice the “LOAD PAPER” message. The last time you tried this, you jammed the copier and sneaked away so nobody would know it was you. Which drawer do you open? Where is the extra paper kept? Why won’t the drawer close again once you’ve put paper in? What’s that burning smell? The guilt of not being able to reload the copier can lead you compensatory actions, like making a new pot of coffee even though there’s still a little left in the pot.


4. Spelling “Millennium”

Everyone has words they never spell correctly on the first try. And if you’re in a hurry, trying to get a report finished and on the boss’s desk, that’s when you’ll see that annoying red squiggly line under what seems like every third or fourth word. Now that a decade and a half has gone by since Y2K, “millennium” isn’t cropping up as often, but people still have trouble with “definitely,” “separate,” “questionnaire,” and “conscientious.” And when was the last time you ordered office supplies and were confident that you spelled “manila folders” correctly?


5. Sending a Fax on an Unfamiliar Machine

Find an online discussion thread about technology that should become obsolete any day now and you’ll find people who can’t wait for the demise of the fax machine. It’s loud, it’s clunky, and all too prone to errors. But there are some professions, like the legal profession, where the fax machine still has a place at the technology table. Using someone else’s fax machine, particularly in an urgent situation, is anxiety-ridden. Do you load pages face-up or face-down? Does it use regular paper or that curly thermal paper? Do you press send before the beep or after? There should be support hotlines available for this situation.

Maybe you’re incapable of leaving a voicemail message that sounds like it was spoken by a human, or you left a note for the administrative assistant to get you a new pair of “scissors,” but you can still create online forms without breaking a sweat. PerfectForms has an intuitive graphic interface that lets you drag, drop, and create online forms that look and work exactly like you want them to. You can even assemble them into automated workflows just as easily. You may not be able to fold a map correctly to save your life, but you can look like a champ when it comes to creating perfect online forms. Why not try PerfectForms out for free and see for yourself?



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