5 Flaws with Google Sheets

Completing work processes electronically rather than on paper makes sense for just about every business. Some companies figure that since they use spreadsheets for a variety of office functions, they can use them to create electronic forms. While this can be a decent stop-gap measure, it usually doesn’t work that well in the long run, particularly if you want to connect custom electronic forms into workflows.


Google sheets

Mobility’s great, except when your apps don’t cooperate.


Google Sheets is a popular free option from Google and is often used as an alternative to Microsoft Excel. While it certainly has its uses for spreadsheet functions, there are shortcomings with using Google Sheets to create electronic forms. It can be done, but it’s not ideal.

Following are 5 flaws people have encountered with Google Sheets workflows and forms, and how you can avoid these problems altogether.


1. It’s Slow

Google Sheets works across devices, and that’s good, because people want access in mobile as well as desktop environments. But there have been complaints that Google Sheets is slow on mobile, particularly when trying to open large spreadsheets. There have also been reports that it’s buggy on the new MacBooks.


2. It’s Not Part of Google Drive, So You Need More Apps

With Google Sheets, Google now handles spreadsheets and other documents through individual apps, rather than through Google Drive. That means you’ll have to install more apps than you might otherwise, and you’ll have to switch between them, something many users find inconvenient. A typical complaint states, “Why do I now need a 2nd app to edit my spreadsheets? The Drive app worked fine, now I have to open another app to edit the spreadsheets.”


3. The Mobile App Sometimes Mysteriously Doesn’t Load

Mobile users have reported problems with the app inexplicably not loading, and the presence of syncing issues with the app. Reports have come in that closing a sheet on mobile has caused it to disappear altogether. While people have had better luck working with Google Sheets in a desktop environment, many people really need mobile functionality and have been disappointed, particularly since older Google Spreadsheet versions didn’t seem to have the same problems with mobile devices.


4. It’s Prone to Crashing


Google sheets

Funny how crashing apps slow automated workflows.


In an April 2014 review of Google Sheets on AppOnlineReview.com, the word “crash” appears 49 times. “Keeps crashing,” “crashes when I try to open one,” and “Crashing every time” appear in some of the reviews. Clearly, crash-prone software isn’t ideal for automated workflows, particularly if someone just wants to fill out a form. If you use a crashy app in an attempt to automate business forms, you could end up spending as much time dealing with the software as you did with paper forms.


5. It Doesn’t Play Nicely with the iPad

iPad users have experienced problems with Google Sheets, including limited functionality. If a person wants to use Google Sheets to open a Microsoft Excel document on an iPad, the problems are even more vexing. Since Excel sheets aren’t native Google files, they may not appear in Google Sheets after being uploaded to Drive, and this has turned a lot of iPad users off. Automating business processes successfully requires reliable functionality across devices, and Google Sheets isn’t quite there yet.


There’s a Better Way

PerfectForms is designed to let you create electronic survey forms that look exactly like your paper forms. You can then link forms together into complete workflows, with seamless access on desktop, laptop, and mobile devices. Since your electronic forms can be made to look just like your paper forms, user buy-in is more positive, and the learning curve is shorter. And if you need to share forms data to and from other applications, PerfectForms has a built-in connection agent that allows you to do this without programming.



With our top of the line workflow management software, PerfectForms makes sense for the company that wants to eliminate paper forms and connect electronic forms into streamlined workflows. The savings can be considerable in terms of printing, paper, and time, and getting started with PerfectForms is quick and easy. Best of all, creating the forms you want and connecting them into workflows can be done with drag-and-drop convenience, with no programming. Check out our demo, or try PerfectForms for free, and see how easy it can be to create custom forms and workflows that are perfect for your business.



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