5 Must-Haves for Financial Management Workflow Software

Financial management is made up of different specific components depending on your organization. But overall, it includes the planning, organizing, directing, and controlling of financial activities of an enterprise and applying management principles to make the most of financial resources.


Financial management workflow software

Financial workflows affect the health of your entire organization.


Management of finances involves everything from decisions about investments in new fixed assets to investments in current assets, as well as the raising of capital from various resources. How you manage your working capital is part of financial management so you can be confident of a regular and adequate supply of funds. Most organizations use workflow software to manage finances. These workflows may be designed to address many different objectives, such as:

• Ensuring adequate shareholder returns

• Optimizing utilization of funds

• Satisfying investment objectives

• Creating a strong capital structure

Your financial management workflow software should include the following 5 “must-have” features.


1. Workflow Flexibility

Your workflow management software should not make you feel locked into a workflow once you’ve defined it. In other words, workflow software should make it easy to make modifications and fine-tune workflows so you can adopt an attitude of continual improvement. When creating workflows is difficult, you may end up feeling locked into existing workflows even if they could stand improvement. Today’s workflow software should make things easy for you, not difficult.


2. Easy, Powerful Reporting

Managing finances effectively requires that you be able to generate understandable, relevant reports, and do so quickly so you’re working with the latest financial information. Workflow software is incomplete if it doesn’t allow you to create the exact types of reports you want when you want them. Whether you’re generating reports for your own edification or to answer an audit, your workflow software should facilitate, and not hinder this process.


3. Interaction With Other Software

Workflow software that exists on its own island and can’t play nicely with other software is of limited use to you. Financial management affects every aspect of your business, from office supplies to hiring to marketing. Insist on workflow software that doesn’t silo itself off, but that interacts with other important software, like Salesforce or Google Spreadsheets, so you can create powerful workflows that accomplish exactly what you want.


Financial management workflow software

Does your workflow software play well with others? It’s not too much to ask.


4. Audit Trails

Audit trails show who has accessed the workflow software and what actions were performed at a given point in time. They’re essential for maintaining security, recovering lost transactions, and providing information during an audit. Does your workflow software give you an instant overview of what is going on in a particular workflow process? It should. And it should be able to incorporate this information into reports on demand.


5. Mobility

Mobility can be an enormous advantage in your financial management workflow software. For example, suppose you allow travel expense reporting to be done from mobile devices. Your employees can take care of these important tasks even before they get back to the office. Any number of other financial management tasks can be made mobile, increasing your organizational efficiency further, saving time and resources.



Financial management forms workflow software isn’t just for Fortune 500 companies. Whatever your industry, whatever your vertical, whatever your size, financial management workflow software can benefit your organization tremendously. PerfectForms is workflow software that is powerful and flexible enough to handle your financial management workflows, with outstanding reporting features, integration with other software, and the convenience of mobility.


Implementing financial workflow management software does not have to involve disruption, huge capital expense, and the help of custom programmers. PerfectForms allows non-technical personnel to create custom workflows with an intuitive drag-and-drop interface that allows users to test out different workflows and modify them to obtain optimal results.


Workflow software for your organizational finances is essential for maintaining a competitive edge. PerfectForms provides you with an affordable, powerful, flexible, easy-to-use system that lets you create the exact financial management workflows your organization requires. We invite you to test drive PerfectForms and discover for yourself how easy it is to create the financial management workflows that will propel your organization toward future success.


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