5 Reasons Our Form Design Software is Better Than Boxed Chocolates

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Maybe you were the lucky recipient of a box of chocolates for Valentine’s Day and came back to the office fueled with the remains of a sugar rush. Or perhaps everyone brought in their leftover Valentine’s candy in hopes of sharing the calories and removing the temptation to overindulge. But even if you have a sugar hangover, when your company uses PerfectForms form design software, you’re ready to start improving work processes right away. PerfectForms may not come in a red, beribboned box, but at the office it’s the gift that delivers day after day. Here are 5 reasons our form design software is better than boxed chocolates.


1. You Always Know What You’ll Get

Sure, some boxed chocolates come with their own picture diagram telling you what filling is inside which confection, but there are bound to be some that you don’t like. And chocolates without a diagram occasionally put you in the position of having to spit out part of an unexpectedly unpalatable morsel. But with PerfectForms form design software, you always know what you get – pixel perfect forms – because you make them yourself with drag-and-drop convenience.


2. It’s There for You 24/7/365

Unlike gifts for Valentine’s Day, anniversaries, birthdays, or other special occasions, PerfectForms is there for you around the clock, all the time. If the idea for a form comes to you while you’re brainstorming a project workflow, you can work on it right then, or the following morning, or after hours if you so choose. Whenever you need to create forms or workflows, the power of our form design software is available right at your fingertips.


3. You’ll Never Run Out

There’s something slightly wistful about eating the last piece of candy in a box. No more chocolate, and you have to figure out whether to keep the box it came in or toss it in the trash. With PerfectForms, however, you’ll never run out. Any time you need to create a custom form, you can do it, and if it turns out not to suit your needs, you can modify it or start all over. Make forms from scratch, or use one of our many prefabricated templates; however many forms you need, PerfectForms form design software will help you create them.


4. The Satisfaction Lasts a Long Time

There’s no question that consuming a delicious, high quality chocolate confection is a blissful experience, but that epicurean delight is fleeting. And most people can’t keep eating chocolate without experiencing some sort of repercussions. But the joy of having perfect electronic forms that streamline workflows, eliminate bottlenecks, and make collaboration easier lasts a long time. Taking a clunky, cumbersome workflow process and turning it into a sleek, efficient task that everyone understands makes the whole work process better, and that’s satisfaction that endures.


5. It Goes Great With a Cup of Coffee, but Won’t Blow Your Diet

If it’s time to fine-tune or automate a workflow, sit down with a cup of coffee and PerfectForms form design software, and you can get to work creating a solution that can speed up the business process and greatly reduce inefficiency. Because of its visual interface, you can see what you’re creating as you make it, and since PerfectForms is mobile-friendly, you can access forms from any mobile device. Because no programming is required, you won’t have to bother the IT department, and your electronic forms and workflows can get to work reducing operational costs right away.

PerfectForms is form design software made with the end-user in mind. You want to create electronic forms to save time and speed workflows, and you definitely don’t want to have to learn to program or spend a lot of time creating your forms. PerfectForms understands, and offers an intuitive interface that will have you creating pixel-perfect forms and integrating them into your workflows in no time. It may not be romantic, but we think you’ll love PerfectForms anyway. If you’d like to try it for yourself, why not sign up for a free trial today?



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