5 Signs Your Company Needs Better BPM Solutions

BPM stands for Business Process Management, which is a practice that improves business performance by increasing business agility and encouraging operational excellence. If your business is a metaphorical engine, BPM is the master tool that fine-tunes it so it performs optimally. Just about every business has processes that for whatever reason have become inefficient or unreliable. By scrutinizing these processes and identifying inefficiencies, then implementing BPM software to streamline and automate, you can make them run far more smoothly.


BPM solutions

BPM tunes up business processes so they run smoothly and don’t break down.


In other words, BPM helps maximize your business’s return on the investment of the time people put into carrying out processes. Rare is the business that can’t benefit from BPM solution. Here are 5 signs your company could benefit from better BPM.


1. Your IT People Face Increasing Challenges

If you’re trying to save money by continuing to use outdated software, your IT team could be needlessly suffering. Perhaps they are spending more time keeping aging servers working or are inundated with help tickets complaining about slow software and hardware. With a better BPM solution, you root out inefficiencies in processes and streamline them through upgraded software. Many great BPM solutions offer the option of running in the cloud, which removes the hassles of on-site server maintenance. If your IT staff is ready to cry “Uncle!” maybe it’s time to look at a new BPM solution.


2. Workflows Provide Little Visibility and Transparency

Project managers and departmental heads often need to know exactly where various projects stand. Who is the last person to provide input? Does the next person in the process know his or her input is needed? What steps are left to be accomplished? A great BPM solution offers visibility and transparency into the mechanics of processes. Plus, it can include checks and balances like alerts that notify key people that they need to accomplish an action so that the process can continue. Knowing which steps have been completed and which steps are next can greatly enhance efficiency and productivity.


3. Your Work Processes Are Typically Long-Running


BPM solutions

Most work processes are complex enough to benefit from the coordination of BPM.


If your business provides quick services that only require a couple of steps, then BPM software may not be necessary. However, most businesses (of every size and across industries) engage in work processes with multiple steps, and often these processes are long-running. BPM software helps orchestrate processes so that no steps are forgotten or skipped and quality is maintained throughout. Whether you engage in design projects that take weeks or months, or provide services that span hours to days, a BPM solution can streamline and offer quality assurance.


4. Multiple Human and Non-Human Systems Need to Be Coordinated

In many work projects, a combination of human actions and automated actions are involved. Perhaps one engineer can’t make necessary calculations until someone else creates scale drawings. Or maybe HR cannot approve or deny a vacation request without seeing a calendar or schedule of time-off requests that have already been approved. BPM is made for coordinating the various human and non-human activities that go into completing a process, ensuring that all steps are completed and the information the next person in the chain needs is handed off as soon as it’s ready.


5. You Want to Improve Customer Service

It doesn’t matter if you sell wedding dresses or welding equipment: if you want to remain profitable and grow as a business, you have to provide outstanding customer service. Typically, numerous customer-facing business processes are involved in providing excellent customer service, so you can develop a comprehensive view of customers across contact channels. With a top BPM workflow software solution, you can develop a consistent framework to manage all aspects of the customer relationship process, so customers need never feel ignored, misunderstood, or forgotten about.



The great news is, you don’t have to invest in a major IT project to have a BPM solution that benefits your business. With PerfectForms, you can get started immediately, creating custom online forms and linking them into workflows that are far more efficient than outdated, paper-based processes. And you don’t have to know how to program, because PerfectForms offers an intuitive, drag-and-drop interface that allows you to visualize processes immediately. Why not try out PerfectForms for yourself for free? See how easy implementing BPM and raising efficiency and productivity can be.

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