5 Time-Sucking Tasks that can be Automated with Online Forms

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Making an entire department – let alone an entire company – follow procedures based on paper forms can be like the proverbial herding of cats. Some people’s handwriting might as well be hieroglyphics, others have no shame at all in submitting forms imprinted with the bottom of their coffee mug, and some people have to be reminded repeatedly to even complete the form in the first place.

Online forms are the answer to these problems. People fill out online forms all the time when they shop or comment on a website, so they know what to do. Plus, online forms don’t get buried under a pile of desktop detritus, and one person’s typing is generally as legible as another’s. Here are 5 common, time-sucking tasks you can automate and streamline with the use of online forms, and you can probably think of many more.


1. Ordering Supplies

Engineers can get downright panicky when the supply closet runs low on quad-ruled pads and mechanical pencils, and mentioning this to the person in charge of requisitioning supplies may or may not result in more being ordered. But when there’s an online form for ordering supplies, employees can state what items they want, and in what quantities, and submit the form electronically. A good online forms software solution will notify appropriate personnel when they need to act on a submitted form, and can even show when supplies have been ordered and when they’re expected to be in stock.


2. On-Boarding New Employees

Human resources tasks surrounding the hiring of new people are fraught with paperwork. Not all of that paperwork can be converted to electronic forms, but a lot of it can. With electronic forms that communicate with other systems, your new hire can enter information one time and have it populate multiple forms automatically. She can type in her Social Security number once and know that it’s been added to all the forms that require it. Forms for signing up for health insurance and other benefits can be made electronic, where they can be completed much faster and there’s less chance of them being lost.


3. RSVP-ing for the Company Picnic

Trying to put together a company function with only the aid of a pencil and paper is a sure way to end up with nobody bringing plastic forks and six second-basemen on the company softball team. But planning a company event with the aid of electronic forms keeps everything organized and accessible. You can use electronic forms to get headcounts, to know what to order form the caterers, and to sign people up for activities easily. When your online forms software lets you create forms with drag-and-drop convenience, you can be up and running in next to no time and make it as easy as possible for people to state their preferences.


4. Summoning Building Maintenance

The light fixture over the graphics department has been buzzing and flickering for several days now, and if you don’t want your designers left in the dark, you need someone from maintenance to come and take care of it soon. If the process involves leaving a voice message or filling out a paper form and submitting it, all kinds of things can derail the process. But with online forms for building maintenance, people can submit their request online and be confident it’s delivered instantly to the right person. You can build escalation procedures into the process for urgent requests, and add notifications so even if a maintenance worker is on a job, he can be notified on his phone that a new request has come in.


5. Submitting Travel Expenses for Reimbursement

A weeklong business trip can easily result in half a day spent organizing receipts and filling out expense forms by hand. Online forms can speed things up considerably, particularly if those forms allow electronic receipts to be attached. And online forms that are cloud-hosted allow people to work on them from anywhere, including during that long layover in Dallas when there’s nothing else to do. Travel expense reimbursement can be a real headache when done manually, but when it’s done through electronic online forms, the process is faster and more accurate. It’s a great way to hold down the costs associated with corporate travel.



You don’t have to undertake a major IT initiative to convert your paper forms into online forms. With PerfectForms, an intuitive, drag-and-drop interface allows you to create perfect electronic forms that can be enhanced with your company colors and logo. Best of all, PerfectForms allows you to integrate your online forms into efficient workflows, so manual handoffs are minimized or eliminated. Why not try it out for yourself? You can sign up for a free trial and see first-hand how easy it is to create efficient online forms that can immediately accelerate workflows.

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