5 Tips to Help You Stay Focused At Work

The ability to focus and remain focused is the most valuable skill that an employee can have. Unfortunately, most professionals are battling constant distractions at work. Moreover, these individuals often lack a clear set of measurable objectives that keep them moving forward, rather than feeling as though they are simply plodding through a series of routine and mundane tasks. Following are five tips for staying focused at work that are guaranteed to increase both productivity and overall work quality.

1.  All Employees Should Be Taking Regular Breaks

Plugging away at a single activity for too long is never a good idea. People often start to feel mentally and physically restless after several hours of being captive at their desks. All team members should be encouraged to get up, walk around and stretch every few hours. More importantly, each person in the office should be taking regular lunch breaks for both nourishment and a change of scene. By using simple and straightforward time tracking solutions such as those that are provided by PerfectForms, ensuring that all employees have adequate opportunities throughout the day to refresh their minds and bodies will be easy.

2.  Prioritize Tasks

Many professionals make the mistake of putting off complex tasks until the end of the day or the last possible minute. All workers tend to function more efficiently at the start of the day, long before the typical afternoon crash hits. Thus, team members should be encouraged to tackle their most demanding undertakings during the first portion of the day and to report their progress before lunch. As quitting time grows near, people will still have enough energy and clarity of thought to tackle minor tasks that are less involved.

3.  Encourage To-Do Lists

Having employees create daily to-do lists will make it easier for these individuals to prioritize their tasks and manage their time. Lists can be kept private or made public, but should be reflective of both duties that must be regularly reported on as part of a project and responsibilities that are specific to the individual position. Knowing exactly what must be done helps people to stay on track and pushing ahead, even when they’d rather be somewhere else, doing other things. This also gives employees the sense that they are working toward an assured finish.

4.  Establish The Importance Of Each Role

People tend to be happier in their jobs and more committed to their employers when they know that even the most mundane tasks are making a major difference. Companies can increase team loyalty and individual employee focus through regular reviews and recognition. Each person should recognize why his or her work is valued. It is much easier to stay focused on a specific position when there are clear reasons for and benefits from the related job duties.

5.  Empower Management

Those who are in charge of guiding teams to a desired end must have the ability to ensure that each person is taking care of his or her own duties. Knowledge is empowering, and this means that managers are most effective when all team members are logging their accomplishments as different projects or project phases are completed. The workflow application from PerfectForms provides an optimal amount of visibility for ongoing projects from start to finish. Reports can be customized to the needs of the company and the resulting data can be used by managers to streamline operations so everyone is working efficiently and focused on the same goals.


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