5 Ways Online Forms Help Your Business Cope with the Holidays

Online forms

You don’t have to run a holiday-themed business to experience a stepped-up pace from October through New Years. Maybe your business has to gear up for increased sales, or maybe you simply have a workforce with more to do in their home and social lives.

Either way, good planning can help your business run smoothly despite increased social activity, employee scheduling challenges, and other holiday-related goings-on. Online forms can be an unexpected help in keeping things organized, ensuring leave is distributed fairly, and helping your team have some fun. Here are five ways online forms help your business cope with the holidays.

1. By Helping You Learn How People Want to Celebrate

Does your company or department usually have some sort of celebration around Thanksgiving or Christmas? If so, an online form containing a poll can help you determine what type of celebration your team would like most. A simple online form with choices like, “Catered lunch,” “Potluck,” or “Party with DJ” can let you know what the general sentiment is, and it’s far easier than distributing paper-based polls that are likely to be lost and whose results must be hand-calculated.

2. By Keeping the Paid Time Off Distribution Fair

Online forms that are part of a workflow designed to keep staffing levels optimal can help prevent hard feelings and ensure you always have enough employees on hand to accomplish what needs to be done. Online forms can incorporate calendars, drop-down menus with different shifts listed, and any other information necessary to ensure that paid time off is distributed in a fair manner. And online forms won’t be lost in the intra-office memos or end up on the wrong person’s desk the way paper forms can.

3. By Coordinating Contests and Other Fun Activities

Many workplaces have special holiday celebrations and events, like dress-up days, secret Santa programs, and cubicle decorating contests. Coordinating these fun activities is far easier when you use workflow management software to keep all the details in order. People can sign up to participate using online forms, and simple workflows can be created to match up secret Santas or keep track of votes in various office contests you may set up around the holidays.

4. By Minimizing Mistakes and Back Office Administrative Work

Online forms

Automated workflows minimize the number of manual tasks to attend to during busy or hectic times of the year.

Your form and workflow software is valuable year-round, of course, but it can prove especially useful the last quarter of the year, when more people take time off, when holidays change work schedules, and when closing times may be different than they are the rest of the year. Coordinating paid leave is just one area where online forms and workflows keep your business running smoothly. They can also be relied upon for functions like IT help requests, business travel coordination, and distribution of company fleet vehicles.

5. By Ensuring Your Social Media Strategy Remains on Track

When you create an electronic workflow to coordinate your company’s social media strategy, you can ensure your social media presence will not suffer because of workweek interruptions or lower-than-usual staffing levels. Workflows for editorial calendars, determining the dates and times to post information on social media, and to ensure that your social media accounts are monitored regularly will keep your social media pages from dropping off people’s radar when the holidays roll around.

Online forms and workflows are a snap when you have outstanding workflow form software like PerfectForms. With PerfectForms, no programming is required, because online forms and workflows are created with a user-friendly, drag-and-drop interface. Creating and distributing an online form or poll can be done in just minutes, and workflows can be made to incorporate alerts and other failsafe measures to ensure no task slips through the cracks.

The final months of the calendar year usually involve less predictability and more employee leave than other times of the year. But if you use online forms and workflows, like the ones you can create with PerfectForms, you can manage this hectic time of year with ease. And if you want to see for yourself, you can test drive PerfectForms by signing up for a free trial today!


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