5 Ways Online Forms Organize Processes Throughout an Organization

Managers report that they spend a full 40% of their workweek completing administrative tasks. That’s two full days out of a five-day workweek!

Obviously, there is a need for administrative tasks, or else even the smallest business would fall into chaos. But these tasks need not be cumbersome and slow because online forms and workflow automation software can improve them markedly.

Online forms

Administrative tasks are necessary, but they don’t have to be slow and cumbersome.

Outstanding improvements can follow when processes are organized throughout a business, including across departments. And the right workflow automation software makes it not only possible but also straightforward. Here are five of the countless ways online forms organize processes throughout an organization.

1. By Making Communications with IT Easier and Faster

An IT department that attempts to function efficiently without some sort of digital transaction management is tilting at windmills. Perhaps the IT departments of a generation ago could get things done with a phone, notepad, and pencil to record the problems end-users experienced, but that is hardly ever the case today.

With today’s impressive workflow automation software, your IT team can design custom online forms and workflows faster than any other IT project they’ll ever tackle. And productivity will benefit short and long term.

2. By Streamlining and Adding Transparency to Finance Functions

The Finance department copes with check requests, reimbursement requests, purchase orders, new vendor forms, and countless other forms that ensure proper record keeping of expenses. People in just about every other department have to interact with Finance at one point or another, and if Finance is managed with Byzantine manual processes and forms that must be completed by hand, it can be a dreaded interaction all around.

Online forms and workflows that spell out steps and automatically route completed forms, however, speed things up considerably while making processes less mysterious and more transparent.

3. By Helping HR Serve People Better

Human Resources is another department that interacts with every other department. Your HR people are involved with hiring, compliance with regulations and laws, out-processing employees who are departing, and even handling interpersonal problems between employees.

Asking HR to do everything they have to do without a powerful online forms system means you’re squandering their time and talent on processes that are slower and more prone to mistakes than they should be. Create online forms and workflows for a single HR process (like new employee onboarding) and see what a tremendous positive difference it makes.

Online forms

The benefits of automated forms and workflows to HR cannot be overestimated.

4. By Standardizing Business Travel Across Departments

Business travel has always been complicated, even before the days of online booking and cost-saving apps. Your travel coordinators are expected to perform their work perfectly, often on short notice, so your engineers make it to the technical conference, and the VP of Finance has no trouble getting to the shareholder meeting. And if your instrument technicians or nurses have to attend training off-site, you want to get them there and back with minimum hassle.

Online forms and workflows are the only way to go when it comes to coordinating travel across a business.

5. By Creating and Disseminating a Smart Disaster Recovery Plan

Nobody likes thinking about what to do in the event of a natural or manmade disaster, but it is something that every organization must tackle. Indeed, having a solid disaster recovery plan can be what keeps your business operating after a disaster when others might have to shut down altogether.

With a disaster recovery point of contact in each department, and regular training of all front-line employees on what to do in the event of a disaster, your team will face these unique and frightening challenges with less panic and more composure. Online forms and workflows can spell out exact steps employees should take when catastrophe strikes.

Online forms and workflows are no longer “nice to have” for today’s businesses, but are essential for enjoying a competitive advantage. PerfectForms is workflow automation software designed for non-technical users so that the exact people who use the forms and workflows can create them to fulfill their needs exactly.

With an intuitive drag-and-drop interface, easy integration with web forms, databases, spreadsheets, and other software programs, PerfectForms offers the flexibility, scalability, and capability your business needs to have organized logical processes throughout. We invite you to read some of our case studies and learn about the many creative ways companies of all sizes and types have improved operations with PerfectForms.


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