5 Ways School Administrators Can Improve Their Time Management

The work of the school administrator is never done. Yet most school administrators would like to have time to get to know students and be involved in some of the non-administrative aspects of operating a school. Teachers and administrators are known for doing what it takes to get everything done, and improving time management practices can help them get things done more efficiently.

Time management

For maximum time management improvement, the whole administrative staff needs to be on board.

Better time management is part attitude, part determination, and part choosing the right tools to help. Here are 5 ways school administrators can manage their valuable time better.

1. First Step: Set Priorities

Even before the new school year starts it’s important to make choices about what is most important on a short term and long term basis. Priorities will depend on how long most of the faculty have been on board, whether the student population is changing significantly (due to re-zoning, for example), and broader school district priorities. But once you make goals and prioritize them, it’s far easier to say no to extraneous projects and tasks.

2. Use Electronic Attendance Tracking

The roll books that look so promising and clean at the beginning of the year usually look pretty beat up by the end of the semester. Fortunately, electronic attendance tracking is easier than ever. At its simplest, electronic attendance tracking can be done by the teacher on a laptop or touch screen, and results can be instantly forwarded to the office. Some schools add QR codes to student ID cards and take roll by having them scan their cards before class.

3. Make It So You Only Have to Handle Things Once

There may not be a way to have an entirely paperless school, but if you and the rest of the administrative staff commit to handling paper once rather than marking it with sticky notes to be read later or putting it into a specific stack on your desk, you can minimize paper clutter. Most people have a hard time getting around to dealing with the papers they set aside for later, and committing to not setting anything aside until later prevents this problem.

4. Eliminate the Use of Paper as Much as Possible

Time management

A paper-free school may be impossible, but reducing need for paper saves time and resources.

Fortunately, you can cut down on paper usage, which saves both time and resources. Electronic attendance tracking is one way. Other ways include electronic maintenance requests, electronic requests for personal days off, electronic scheduling of facilities, and electronic memos rather than paper ones. Another terrific advantage of making paper processes electronic is no filing cabinet is needed to archive files, and you can automatically create audit trails if you want.

5. Schedule Closed-Door Time

We’re all used to being “always on” at work and at home. Have you ever sat down with your family to watch a television program and taken out your phone to check your email? Sometimes “always on” doesn’t work, though. Scheduling regular closed-door time – even if it’s only a few hours a week – can make the rest of your time easier to manage. Checking voicemail and other mundane tasks can be dispensed with more easily if you make it clear you don’t want interruptions.


Excellent time management requires the right attitude, setting goals, and ensuring you have the technology to make cumbersome tasks more efficient. PerfectForms offers electronic form and school workflow software designed for use by non-technical professionals to make perfectly customized electronic forms and workflows, drastically cutting down on paper usage, reducing error rates, and making processes significantly faster.

Educational institutions from public school districts to colleges and universities have used PerfectForms to revamp processes to reduce resource use and minimize the amount of time administrators spend on busy work that doesn’t serve the goal of better educating students. PerfectForms is the ideal technology tool for time management in the educational setting, and best of all, you can try it out for free. Sign up for a free trial, take PerfectForms for a test drive, and see the many possibilities available for managing your precious time and resources better.


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