6 Ways to Expedite Your Hiring Process

The hiring process is one of the most strategically important processes your business accomplishes. Every new employee, on some level, will improve your business or harm it, and you want to maximize chances of the former by having a hiring process that is thorough and well-documented.



Hiring well is critically important to your company’s continued success.


While much of making a hiring decision is qualitative and has to do with who will fit best with your company’s culture, there’s an awful lot of the hiring process that is standardized and needs to be accounted for. Creating custom electronic forms for these objective aspects of hiring can speed up the hiring process by reducing errors and ensuring that all necessary steps have been followed. Here are 6 ways to expedite your company’s hiring process.


1. Make It Easy to Create a Performance-Based Job Description

The people in each department who are responsible for determining when someone new needs to be hired should have a standardized way to create a job description so that HR has all the information it needs and to help keep the process on track. An electronic form spelling out estimated costs and the key accountabilities of the job help ensure hiring resources are used optimally.


2. Create a Hiring Scorecard

Each candidate should have an associated hiring scorecard. This is a simple form that ensures that he or she meets requirements for education, certifications, and experience and makes it easier to compare these elements amongst candidates. If you use valid, EEOC-compliant pre-employment personality assessments, the results of those can be included in your hiring scorecard.


3. Develop a Hiring Checklist

Developing a custom hiring checklist (similar to this one) helps ensure that every necessary step in the hiring process is completed. Steps included on your hiring checklist might include:

• Obtaining hiring authority approval

• Posting advertisements for the position

• Creating an interview committee

• Developing interview questions

• Checking references

• Performing a background check

• Scheduling new employee orientation for those hired


4. If You Test Candidates, Create a Standard Test Evaluation Method



If you do pre-employment testing, make sure you have a standard way of evaluating the results.


If you test job candidates, whether using written tests, role-playing, problem solving, or simulations, you should create a standard method for evaluating the results. A custom electronic form with fields for results of pre-employment tests can help hiring managers differentiate candidates with the necessary skills and rank them based on test results and other parts of the application and interview process.


5. Collect Input from Others Involved in the Hiring Process

More than one person should be involved in the hiring process. One person’s opinion is just that, and chances are the person you hire will interact with more than one person. You can create a custom electronic form for the position you’re hiring for where those involved in evaluating the candidates can record their input on important factors, like how familiar applicants are with tasks, and how well they mesh with company culture.


6. Implement an Employee Referral Program

An employee referral program can be a terrific resource for companies in competitive fields. Make it easy for your existing employees to refer potential job candidates by creating an employee referral form that is automatically forwarded to the appropriate hiring authority, whether a department head or someone in HR. Collect standard information like the person’s contact data and which job in your organization they would be well suited for.



Many parts of the hiring process are qualitative in nature, but there are numerous steps involved that must be documented, and there are ways to standardize parts of the hiring process so you can make the fairest comparison among applicants. Many of these standardized steps can be implemented via electronic forms and workflows for consistency, low error rates, and speed.


PerfectForms lets you create beautiful custom electronic survey forms without having to write programming code.
You simply drag and drop elements into place on a “canvas” interface. Once forms are made, they can be connected into efficient workflows, complete with automatic notifications of all interested parties. Creating custom forms online for the hiring process helps ensure no steps are missed and that hiring managers can access all the data they need to make the most responsible hiring choices. If you have questions or would like to learn more, please contact us at any time. We would be happy to answer all your questions about custom electronic forms and workflows.



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