7 Processes Begging to be Automated at Schools and Universities

Education is a form-heavy industry. When an organization is tasked with educating and keeping up with hundreds or thousands of students, forms are absolutely essential to keeping vital data organized. For decades, these forms were on paper and carried with them requirements for resources, ink, and storage space, and sometimes questions about what could be tossed out and what needed to be archived.


When administrative tasks are automated, staff can focus more closely on learning.

Most of these form-heavy processes at schools and universities can be automated by making forms available on the school network and routing them electronically to where they need to go. Schools can drastically cut back on paper usage, reduce the need for storage space, and best of all, make sure forms arrive at their destinations promptly, with an automatic audit trail to refer to should there be any confusion or misunderstanding. Here are 7 manual processes that can be automated at educational institutions.

1. Admission Applications

Whether you’re running a preschool or a graduate school, electronic admissions applications benefit everyone. There are no worries about illegible handwriting, missing pages, or juice-stained forms, and applications can automatically be routed to the right person. You can even arrange for automatic email or text alerts for key personnel to be triggered whenever an application arrives.

2. Attendance Records

Electronic attendance records can be automatically date and time stamped, and teachers can click “present” or “absent” for each student and immediately send a report to the office. What’s more, attendance data can be automatically routed into a database so that it’s easier to gather statistics on absences for school districts to use. And teachers can do away with attendance notebooks and their shortcomings.

3. Building Maintenance Requests

Paper maintenance request forms are infuriatingly slow, and there are many chances for mistakes or miscommunications between the time a broken window is discovered and the time someone is dispatched to fix it. Electronic building maintenance requests won’t get lost or damaged, and they reach maintenance workers immediately, so problems can be taken care of right away. They also create an automatic log of all requests and fulfillments.

4. IT Service Requests


Electronic forms and workflows can help ensure your IT infrastructure is always in good working order.

The phone and the paper form are highly inefficient ways to request IT help. But when IT service requests are electronic, they can even be used on mobile devices, so those requesting help can be confident their request will reach the right person. Data collected from IT help requests can be collected over time to detect trends, track costs, and forecast budgets more accurately, and records for repairs can be automatically generated.

5. Human Resources Forms

Whenever your educational institution ads new teachers or any other type of worker, a number of HR forms are necessary to ensure their wages and tax withholdings are correct. Making these forms electronic allows easy access, so new hires can complete them before their first day at work. You can even design HR forms so that information entered once (like a social security number) automatically populates relevant fields on multiple forms simultaneously.

6. Course Registration

Even in a very small school, manual registration involving paper forms can be an enormous hassle, particularly when courses fill up quickly and students must make alternate schedules. When you make course registration electronic, students can learn at a glance whether a course they want is full and what other times are available. And with electronic course registration, mistakes are less likely, and instructors receive their enrollment lists promptly.

7. Orders for Yearbooks, Graduation Gowns, Etc.

Big occasions associated with schools and universities can also benefit from electronic rather than paper forms. Compiling a yearbook order is significantly faster when students order them with online forms. Likewise, graduation planning is more efficient and accurate when you don’t have to worry about paper forms. Electronic forms won’t get lost, and records and reports can be generated at any time.


There’s practically no limit to how many educational processes schools and universities can streamline and automate with electronic forms. Naturally, you want those forms to be specifically tailored to your needs, and Perfect Forms lets you do that. With an intuitive drag-and-drop interface, PerfectForms lets you create pixel-perfect forms and then just as easily link them into electronic school workflows, saving time, effort, and resources. If you would like to learn more about process automation in schools with PerfectForms, we encourage you to contact us at any time. We would be delighted to answer your questions.

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