7 Tips to Help you Better Manage Your Time

We often feel like there are just not enough hours in the day to get things done, and when you are faced with incomplete tasks or unresolved issues at quitting time, it can leave you frustrated. You may think you cannot get all of your tasks accomplished because you are just too overwhelmed with work. However, with a few time management strategies in place to help you stay focused and organized, you will be amazed at how much you can accomplish on a daily basis, not to mention how much time you’ve freed up in your schedule.

Being able to manage your time effectively does not require some mystical knowledge or tapping into arcane secrets. In fact, you can easily figure out how to become better at time management if you take the time to learn a variety of ways to slow down, prioritize, organize your schedule, and get things done. Here are some excellent tips:

  1. Before you begin your work-related tasks each day, spend some time going through your schedule and deciding what you want to accomplish with each item on your daily “to-do” list. When you approach a task with a goal in mind, it can make it easier to reach the desired conclusion in a more productive and timely way.
  2. Manage tasks and projects with process mapping software like PerfectForms. PerfectForms allows you to create tailor-made forms and workflow applications that will streamline and simplify processes and tasks. It also allows for easy deployment without a great deal of technical know-how, and offers plenty of options for monitoring progress and results through a variety of reporting features.
  3. When you have your “to-do” list prepared for each day, prioritize that list and make a plan to complete the most important tasks first. When you are able to focus on the urgent matters first, you can better manage the time you’ll need to accomplish those tasks and get them finished before deadlines become critical.
  4. Understand that you will not get everything done in one day, so don’t try. When you allow yourself to become overwhelmed with all the things you need to do, it gets incredibly easy to become so frustrated or distracted that you don’t get anything done at all.
  5. Allow time in your schedule for small breaks. If you keep your nose to the grindstone constantly throughout your day, you can get burned out and lose sight of your goals. Make time for a short walk, a social telephone call, checking your personal email, or simply enjoying a light lunch at an outdoor cafe.
  6. Try to eliminate elements of your day that do not produce results. Activities like water cooler chit-chat are not productive, so reduce the amount of time you spend doing nothing during your day.
  7. Start tracking your time throughout the day and record what you do and how long it takes to do it. You might be surprised to see how long you actually spend on activities that are not furthering your goals or moving you toward the completion of your tasks and projects.

When you follow these and other tips for managing your time, you will be able to get your schedule and your life organized and on track almost effortlessly. Most important, however, is that you stay consistent with your time management efforts and don’t give up when you get frustrated or bogged down in the minutiae of your day. When you stick with it, it will work!



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