7 ways to be as productive as the person next to you

In the workplace, productivity is king. We have all experienced the stress of deadlines, document revisions, and frequent meetings, which can take a toll on you throughout the day. But if you are organized and stick to a solid foundation of fundamental work habits, you can minimize the frenetic pace. Organize your day with these seven key practices of being a more productive worker.

Organize Your Workspace

This is an important step in staying productive. Keep your workspace clear of clutter and excessive papers and organize your supplies in a way that makes sense, storing them where they are accessible. This organizing process should be done during the final 15 or 20 minutes of your workday so you are prepared to get right down to work the next day.

Keep Distractions to a Minimum

It is inevitable that you are going to interact with your colleagues, and that is not a bad thing. However, it is important that you keep this communication succinct and to the point. Don’t waste time engaging in office drama at the water cooler. If applicable, close your office door and schedule specific office hours during which co-workers can come in and ask you questions. Finding a quiet space to work is also helpful when cranking through projects.

Prioritize Tasks

When you arrive at work, start organizing your projects. Create a to-do list and prioritize your tasks, identifying the most important ones and allotting time in your schedule to completing them. Breaking your work into smaller chunks can make it more manageable.

Manage Your Workflow One tool you can use to help organize and prioritize your tasks is workflow management software. Workflow software can be integrated into most office systems, and you can use the automation, data capture, and real-time reporting tools to your advantage.

Don’t Multi-Task

We are frequently told that we live in a fast-paced world where multi-tasking skills are needed. However, multi-tasking can be one of the most inefficient things you can do in the workplace. Trying to balance two or more different things at once is taxing on your thought processes and invariably has a negative effect on the quality of your work. Focus on one individual task at hand and complete it before moving on to the next project.

Keep a Healthy Distance from Email and Voicemail

Constantly checking your email and answering calls repeatedly throughout the workday will eventually lead to you not completing what needs to be done. Establish a set period in the first and second half of your workday to check and reply to email. This rule also applies to your voicemail and text messages. Be sure to schedule a time to go back and answer emails that require more attention.

Stand Up and Stretch

Pay attention to those employees around you who are very productive. You will see that they take their breaks on time and many take the opportunity to get away from their desks and walk to get a drink or make a quick lap around the office. Taking breaks helps keep you from becoming fatigued during the day and therefore less productive. If stepping away isn’t possible, there are many workouts you can do at your desk, such as five lunges every hour, which adds up to 40 a day! Staying healthy keeps you alert and on-task during the workday.

These seven key habits are just some of the ways efficient workers stay productive. Adopting these behaviors is not hard to do and will go a long way in terms of helping you become more productive than the person next to you.



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