An Entire School District Saves Time and Money with PerfectForms

The Visalia United School District in Visalia, CA saved more than $15,000 in the cost of forms alone by automating just one process and taking it from a paper to a digital format. And that doesn’t even take into consideration the cost of labor to produce the form, distribute it, and shuffle the paper around on teachers’ and administrators’ desks. However, the district of more than 27,000 students and 2,500 teachers and administrators doesn’t intend to stop at just one form. They made it their goal to convert 100 paper-based processes and replace them with online form-based processes. The results to date are even better than they expected.

What they did:

The Visalia Unified School District’s IT department identified 100 paper-based processes, both in its department and throughout the district that could be easily converted to digital forms. These included accident reports, substitute teacher requests, and transportation requests. The district chose PerfectForms as their process automation system. According to Al Foytek, the Director of Business Information Systems for the Visalia School District, “Next to email, our process information system is expected to be the most important means of communication in the district.”

How they saved:

The district is still rolling out the new digital forms and new processes. However, Visalia schools have already realized significant savings and benefits.

Printing Costs: 

  • Just one commonly-used form was costing the school district $10,000 annually just in paper and ink. That money now goes straight to the district’s bottom line.

Labor Costs:

  • In addition to the labor necessary to print the forms, the district is saving the cost of labor to requisition, stock, and distribute the forms. This saved labor is being used to interact with students and parents rather than pushing paper.

Better reporting:

Digital forms are less subject to human error, less likely to get lost, and are automatically archived for future reference. Digital forms are also easy to submit, find, and share among employees and administrators, making them less frustrating and time-consuming for all concerned.

The district has estimated that it will recover its investment in the PerfectForms system just in the money saved in paper and printing. However, the real return on the district’s investment lies in the dramatically improved efficiency.