Automate Your Processes, Improve Corporate Performance

Perhaps you think investing in automation isn’t worthwhile since you run a small business. The truth is, small businesses can benefit tremendously from implementing automation for work processes. And automation solutions are more affordable than ever and don’t require major IT projects to accomplish.


Automate your processes

If this is what you envision when you think of process automation, think again. It’s much simpler now.


If you’re wary of upheaval caused by automating business processes, you could consider first automating one process so you can learn how it’s done and experience the benefits for yourself before branching out and automating more processes. This can be done today for a very reasonable investment of time and money.


Automation Increases Productivity

This is a no-brainer. When you take a process that had to be completed by hand and are able to accomplish it electronically, productivity jumps. Think of how long it takes to manually fill out an expense report following a business trip. Once completed, the form has to be submitted to the right person, who then has to process it further. But when you automate the process by creating an electronic form and incorporating it into a simple workflow that automatically submits the form to the proper personnel (and perhaps issues an alert so they know to expect it), it’s significantly faster. An employee could theoretically submit expenses during a layover in her return trip and know it’s in the pipeline before she even gets back to the office.


Reduce Errors and Reduce Costs

Another instant benefit of automation is a reduction in errors. Think of all the things that can go wrong with manual processes. Information is often entered multiple times, sometimes in handwriting, and forms must be accounted for and routed properly. Then the form recipients must do their part and sometimes further route the forms. At the end of the chain, forms are filed, and if they’re ever needed again, someone has to remember where they are. Electronic forms that are put together into cohesive workflows drastically reduce error rates because fewer people have to enter data. Plus, at the end of the chain, it can all be archived electronically, for fast retrieval should the need arise.


Workflows Are Key to Maximizing Benefits of Automation

While automating a form by creating an electronic version that can be completed and submitted on your company network is an important step, creating automated workflows is where the rubber really meets the road. Many processes slow down because manual intervention is part of the process, but creating automated workflows means that much less time is spent handling and processing paperwork. When you create electronic forms and incorporate them into logical online workflows, you maximize the benefits of automation, boosting productivity and drastically cutting error rates.


Automate processes

Electronic workflows are instant and accurate.


How Madison National Life Insurance Used Automation

The insurance industry has to collect and process massive amounts of data. Customer data must be collected in order to issue policies, and when there is a claim, much more data has to be collected and submitted. Madison National Life Insurance realized they could significantly speed up processes by creating electronic forms that agents could complete at the office, at a client’s home, or at the site of an incident.


Using PerfectForms, Madison National created electronic forms agents could complete using mobile devices, and they linked necessary forms into cohesive workflows that automatically routed them to the proper personnel upon completion. This meant no more stacks of papers piling up waiting to be manually processed. According to the company, the automated process they developed using PerfectForms “allows us to process applications very quickly; as soon as agent submits it, it goes straight to our system, it doesn’t sit on someone’s desk and it doesn’t have to be mailed. No in-betweens.”



One of the best things about PerfectForms is that you can create electronic forms and workflows without any programming knowledge, because it has an intuitive interface that lets you simply drag and drop elements into place. Not only can you create electronic forms that look exactly like your paper forms (so people are comfortable using them from the start), you can put them together into workflows that route data immediately to the right person, so there’s no lag time between completion of a form and the next person in the process being ready to act on it.


If you’d like to know more about how PerfectForms can help you improve corporate performance by automating processes, check out our demo or try PerfectForms for free and see for yourself how easy business automation can be.



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