Automated Workflows Help Real Estate Businesses Remain ‘High-Touch’

Real estate has always been a “high-touch” business, and success often depends on talented agents who have a personal touch in terms of getting to know clients and crafting solutions based on their needs.

Real estate agent with couple

Real estate agents can focus on personal service when routine processes are automated with workflow software.

Many aspects of real estate businesses simply can’t be automated. There’s no substitute for an agent getting to know a potential home buyer and selecting appropriate properties based on their needs, budget, and personality. But there are many aspects of a real estate business that are well-suited to automated workflows. And these real estate workflows can free up time so that agents can do what they do best: interact with clients and ensure they get the services they want and need. Here are some examples.

Automated Online Rent Collection Saves Time and Hassle

People do everything online and on mobile these days, and paying bills is no exception. A secure, automated rent collection workflow can be ideal for renters who don’t have the time to pay rent in person and don’t want to bother mailing a check. Not everyone will want to use such an online system, but each person who does reduces the manual workload of the person in the office responsible for processing rent, and it adds up significantly over time.

A Workflow Can Process Maintenance Orders Efficiently

Rental properties and vacant properties for sale sometimes need maintenance work, and tracking down maintenance workers by phone can be challenging. Workflow automation can make a positive difference here, too. A maintenance worker with a mobile workflow can check the work queue from anywhere, scheduling stops that make sense depending on priority and location. Moreover, this type of workflow can automatically issue alerts for when a maintenance order is received, scheduled, and completed, so there are fewer phone calls necessary to check on work status.

Scheduling Property Showings Can Be Simplified with Automated Workflows

Man working on his laptop and phone

Scheduling property showings doesn’t have to involve endless rounds of phone tag.

Again, not every real estate client will want to use an online workflow designed to schedule property showings, but many of them will. A mobile-friendly scheduling workflow allows real estate agents to easily block out times they won’t be available and to check their showing schedule anytime, from any place. As with automated online rent collection, even if only one-third or one-half of clients use a scheduling workflow, it can save significant time that would otherwise be spent on phone calls trying to sync up schedules.

Screening Tenants and Complying with the Fair Housing Act

Real estate companies that own rental properties or that manage clients’ rental properties must screen potential tenants while ensuring they comply with the Fair Housing Act. Workflows are great for making certain that no step is neglected and that all compliance measures have been taken and are documented. If a question should ever arise about a Fair Housing Act requirement, it’s easy to look up information generated by the workflow, without having to dig through paper files.

Real estate businesses also have office processes that are similar to those in any other business, such as onboarding new employees, managing IT resources, and handling expense reimbursement. These processes are also perfect for workflow automation, and with the right workflow software, you can take care of all of them without having to switch among different software providers.

PerfectForms is workflow software that makes it easy to create customized workflows for any business process, without having to write programming code. The software comes with several workflow templates, but the drag-and-drop interface makes it easy to create online forms and workflows from scratch. If you’re interested in a powerful, flexible workflow solution, we invite you to watch the demo video or browse some of the many PerfectForms case studies to see how the right workflow solution can transform business.

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