Automating Online Forms Can Boost Productivity

In order to be as efficient as possible while running a business, it’s important not to spend time and effort on recurring, on-going tasks that could be generated by a program more quickly and efficiently. For example, requests for service or repairs from customers are common in many industries, and an automated web form can gather information and correctly direct the request much quicker, than a telephone operator can. This also frees up an employee to work on more difficult, important tasks, like actually providing the support customers need, instead of acting as a switch board.


Some examples of the forms PerfectForms offers includes Print Requests, which has a simple workflow to move the form from submission, to approval from management, to completion; Incident Reports, which allow dispatch officers to document the details of reported incidents, like  car accidents, quickly; and IT Support Requests, which allow employees to submit requests for IT help and specify the level of access needed. Forms that meet your exact specifications can be created quickly and easily.

Instead of spending valuable time collecting information yourself,  let the online form software do it for you, so you can concentrate on the areas of your business that really need your attention.