Avoid Paperwork with These Educational Organization Tools

Educators looking to avoid paperwork, cut costs, streamline collaboration efforts, and contribute to a more environmentally friendly workplace can do so by adopting online educational tools for task management and workflow automation. Below are some free or affordable software and web-based options to help cut paperwork while increasing efficiency.

Workflow Automation Software

If one platform can eliminate paperwork while improving efficiency, it is easily workflow automation software. Workflow automation tools offered by PerfectForms allow educators to monitor performance, build reports, and create powerful workflow applications with no development, coding or other technical skills. Using templates with simple drag-and-drop capability, educators and administrators can easily build online forms and streamline workflow and collaboration with PerfectForms software.

Online Task Management Platforms

There are many free, web-based task management systems available that can be an excellent resource for educators, offering a high level of customization and simple, user-friendly interfaces. With most available platforms, educators can keep track of classes, lesson plans, and daily events, and also store a wealth of information, including attachments and files. Teachers can add collaborators for team projects and keep track of who is responsible for which tasks.

File Sharing Platforms

Share everything useful you find on the web, including lesson plans and project ideas, with fellow educators and students by using file sharing platforms online. These file sharing platforms allow users to bookmark and share a wide variety of content, including photos and videos, documents, web pages, tweets and more. Most often, collections are available to the public, but users can usually make collections private, inviting collaborators to view and add to your collections.

Behavior Management Apps

Get rid of behavior binders with behavior management apps for educators. There are options available for both iPhone and Android devices that essentially offer fully customizable behavior management systems. With some apps, teachers can assign a profile icon to each student, leaving negative and positive feedback on each student’s behavior which is instantly viewable by parents with a link to the main site. Teachers can send messages and feedback to parents about individual students, as well as send mass messages to entire groups of parents. Students can have points added or deducted depending upon behavior, and simple graphics make it easy to see at a glance how each student is doing.

Miniature Social Networks

If you are a teacher or administrator and need a way to stay in touch with your team or manage projects, there are free and low cost applications that are available on the web or on Apple and Android devices that essentially create a mini social network. Users can form a small team of collaborators and put contacts, files, tasks and files all in one place. With most of these applications, updates made by any team member are visible in real time, and team members can instant message individuals or the whole team. There are also options to add collaborators to different tasks, assign due dates, and keep track of advancement.

With so many software and online applications at your fingertips, it is no longer necessary to be mired in paperwork. Let workflow automation software and online applications help you take back your life and increase workplace efficiency all at once!